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Time Line

How to use the space-time conveyor. When a person, place or thing is "born" and when they "die" are the only two absolute time pointes in any existance. (As far as existEnce is concern, please refer to the philosophy index) As such, only those entries are linked to text pages. Have a hunt around a bit, Glenn. If you need assistence in any era, a -[library assistant]- will be only too happy to assist you. Enjoy; Pizo. Note: Prior to 543M years ago, the entire geological structure is lumbed into: Precambrian or protozoic (before life) era. At this point, there is NO evidence that even telemarketers existed at this time.

510M yrAgo

The Cambrian Period: 543 to 490 mya (started on a Tuesday) Life: First invertabrates (sea) and of course: Tilobites! 510_000_000bce:
Priapula: DeepSea worms] (ancestors?)

490M yrAgo

The Ordovician Period: 490 - 443 Life: Age of the Trilobites; first fish enter stage right.

443M yrAgo

The Silurian Period: 443 to 417 Life: LungFishes and the first "one small step for a fish, one giant leap for land-kind!" Coral reefs!

417M yrAgo

The Devonian Period: 417 - 354 Life: First amphibians (they can swim and walk!) Land snails (moluscs put their one foot forward) Age of the Brachiopods! (proto-star fish) Primitive Land Plants - who you callin' primitive! ?

354M yrAgo

The Carboniferous Period: 354 - 290 Pennsylvanian 323 - 290 (proto Quakers) Mississippian 354 - 323 Life: Primitive Ammonites Primitive insects (large though) Seed ferns Primitive conifers

248M yrAgo

The Triassic Period: 248 - 206 Life: First dinosaurs (reptiles) Modern insects enjoy the new jazz; smaller, easier to eat. New improved fish Bigger is better philosophy rampant. Conifers take centre stage

206M yrAgo

The Jurassic Period: 206 - 144 Life: Age of Reptiles First birds First mammals (small, un-obtrusive, cute)

144M yrAgo

The Cretacious Period: 144 - 65 Life: Flowering plants flower onto the set. Dinosaurs take up cigarette smoking and thus end their dominance. (This is refered to as the "Far Side Theory of Dinosaur Extinction"). And then came: THE DINOSAUR KILLER FROM SPAAAACE!!! (now showing in new, improved Irradium-vision!!! (formerlly named Irridium vision; but then was sued for copyRight infringement)

65M yrAgo

The "Tertiary Geological Age" Period: 65 - 1.8 Life: Finally "rid" of the "Dinosaur problem", mammals, insects, birds take off. Plants recover, and go crazy. Tertiary: Paleocene: 65 - 54.8

54.8M yrAgo

The Eocene epoch of the Tertiary Period: 54.8 - 33.7 Life:

33.7M yrAgo

The Oligocene epoch of the Tertiary Period: 33.7 - 23.8 Life:

33.7M yrAgo

The Miocene epoch of the Tertiary Period: 23.8 - 5.3 Life:

5.3M yrAgo

The Pliocene epoch of the Tertiary Period: Life:


"Four million years ago, in Africa did we all stand". -- first humans... Original Lucy declines v. lucrative offer from Hollywood, instead contemplates the motion of certain bright lights in the night sky and the concept that certain sounds have rather a "musical" appeal. Notices that leaves in a tree look significantly LESS GREEN when the sun light is shine-ing through them, than when it is reflected off of them. Wonders if the tribes will EVER stop waging war based on teritorial disputes? The rest is (as we say in the biz), history. Later she decides and then knows that it the right time to act, sez to her kids and husband, "Come on; we're outta here!".


Speculation #202-1613g Movement and sound are combined in a proto-dance which quickly catches on. Whistling mainly used to imitate the wind. Flute invented on a Thrusday, by Prisicilla Ogg while trying to blow a bug out of a hollow twig. Z'rig Ogg (no relation) invents mutli-toned drum when kicking a log that fell on his great toe. First open-air concert features the Urg Sisters trio, as well as "Moon Chant #7" by Oog K'Ffooa. First standing ovation, following early stand-up comedy act by R'oos M'oos rendering a particularly well done impersonation of Grandpa Dweezle waking up in the morning.


On a particular thursdae, the intransitive verb was born. However, details as to its origin (while sketchy at best) indicate that a certain duck might have ducked into the water from the air thus leading a child/poet to remark "Duck here, there; then, there-there" Most pataphysical art historians usually mark this event as the birth of the concept of "fore-ground/back-ground" which wouldn't be realised in photography until some 1_997_341 years later - and oddly enough it was *also* on a thursdae. The flash bulb would come much later and almost certainly was *not* invented on a thursdae. Sugested musical listening "Collage ala Bach" by Arvo pArt.

1.8M yrAgo

The Quaternary (4th Geological Age) begins The Pleistocene epoch of the Quaternary Period: 1.8 - 10_000bce (give or take) Life:













Native American music based on 5-tone scale, using two octives. {
Schoenberg} won't be born for some 23_126 years yet. !!ERROR!! ^^^^^^ (this number is not correct! -- well, it's not meant to be to scale ;)





The Holocene epoch of the Quaternary Period: 10_000 to present Life:

Bce5000 = 3000yago














Thales of Miletus born probably in Ionia (now in Turkey) 585: Thales predicts solar eclipse during war between the Medes and the Lydians. (possibly appocryphal)









(aka "A-D 79") 79.08.24:
Mount Vesuvius errupts in Italy burying Pompeii and Herculaneum




Aetius publishes his 300 sylogisms on why Jesus could not be of the same "substance" as god. In 359, the Council of Selucia condemns him and Emperor Constantius exiled him to the wilderness of northeast Asia Minor. [Ref; Ency Brit, Vol 1, p.125]















Ludwig (Johann Frederich) Sievers (1742-1806) born in Hanover. 1746.09.26: Ludwig Ernst Gerber (1746-1819) born in Sondershausen. 1766": John Dalton born in Science began to make sense... [The Paris Project] 1782: Ludwig Sievers publishes three harpsicord sonatas, Opus 1. (40 years old) all of his other "sacred pieces" have been lost; refered to by 1770.12.17: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is born in Bonn. 1775: Ernst Ludwig Gerber succeeds his father as court organist in the court of Prince Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. 1791.03.06: Beethoven composes music for a "Ritterballet" (ballet in old style German costume). It is produced by by the tallented and powerful friend Count Ferdinand Waldstein. Some how, B's name is left off as the composer of the music. The 20yo B, is not discouraged, much productive work occurs as part of his involviment with the work at Mergentheim. A good time is had by all under the leadership of B., serving as "Grand Master of the Teutonic Order".


Victor Cousin born in ??city?? -- "Art for art's sake" 1793: Nikolai I. Lobachevsky born in ??city??


1800.04.02: Beethoven's Symphony #1, in C performed. 1801: Beethoven's increasing deafness becomes more apparent and can no longer be dismissed by him as being temporary due to chronic ill health. The muses weep, and teers roll down an old poet's cheeks whle listinging to Shostakovich's fifth sympony. 1803.04.05: Beethoven's Symphony #2, in D performed. 1803.05.25:
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) is born in Boston, MA. 1803.12.11: Hector Berlioz (1803-1869 born. 1805: John Dalton proposes his theory of ATOMS and "their atomic masses". Science began to make sense... [The Paris Project] 1805: Hans Christian Anderson born, Odense, Denmark. 1805.04.07: Beethoven's Symphony #3, in E-flat performed. 1806.06.28: Ludwig (Johann Frederich) Sievers (1742-1806) dies in Magdeburg. 1807.03: Beethoven's Symphony #4, in B-flat performed. 1810.03.04: Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) born in Zelazowa Wola. 1812-1814: Ernst Ludwig Gerber publishes his massive, 4-volume work "tonkUnstler-lexikon". Possibly the most extensive reference work on music and musical history of the time, included contributions by J.F. Reichardt (1892), E.F.F. Chladni (1795), and much-expanded from the original work by J.G. Walther (Leipzig, 1732). The work exists somewhere (or at least copies of it), the original MS's have become "collectible", last sold at auction in 1956 as "Catalog Entry #54". C'est la vie. 1817: Chopin's first composition. 1817.07.12: Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) born in Condord, Massachusetts.


1818: Chopin plays first concert at the private concert in Warsaw. 1818:
Victor Cousin publishes "Cours de philosophe" -- "Art for art's sake" 1819: Herman Melvlille (1819 - 1891) born. 1819:06.30: Ernst Ludwig Gerber (1746-1819)] dies in Sondershausen. 1822.12.10: Cesar Frank (1822-1890) born. 1826: Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) enters Le Sueur's class in Composition and Reicha's class for counterpoint and fugue at the Paris Conservatory. Later (on a Tuesday, around tea time, as I recall ;) he will invent the "Tone Poem". 1826: Lobachevsky announces his counter-idea to Euclid that only ONE parallel line can be drawn through a fixed point not on that line. Pub'd 1840: Geometrical Researches on the Thoery of Parallels (tumpet and coronet players are ecstatic!) 1827.03.26: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) dies in Vienna. 1828: Jules Verne (1828-1905) is born in ??city?? 1835: Hans Christian Anderson publishes his first book of fairy tales, Eventyr 1835.10.09: Camille Saint Saens (1835-1921) born in Paris. 1836: Elizabeth Garret Anderson born in ??city?? First British woman doctor. Established St. Mary's Dispensary for women and children in 1866. 1837: Sometime in this year, Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson meet. Frederic Chopin meets writer George Sand; later she would nurse him back to health when he contracted tuberculosis -- by 1847, there is a falling out between him and her. 1838: E.W. Morley (1837 - 1923) born in Newark, NJ, Terra. Would later team up with Albert Abraham Michaelson to measure the wave nature of light. Leading many to consider all things "relative". See: [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1838.06: Henry David Thoreau (with his brother John) founds a progressive school, which does suprisingly well (it *is* progressive after all). Lasts 3 years until John fall ill. During a canoe trip with John along the Concord and Merrimack rivers Henry decides that he better suited as a poet, than an schoolmaster. He struggles through the 1840's, has hard times in the 1850's. His brother John dies in January 1842 of lockjaw after cutting his finger. 1840: Lobachevsky's "Geometrical Researches on the Thoery of Parallels" is published. (tumpet and coronet players are ecstatic!) 1843.06.15: Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) born in Bergen, Norway. 1844: John Dalton dies in ??city?? Science began to make sense... [The Paris Project] 1845: Throeau decides to stop mope-ing about and stops making pencils and grinding graphite. Following up on an Harvard classmate who once built a waterside hut, he picks a spot on Walden Pond (a glacial lake) [Src: Ency. Brit, Vol.11, p.726] 1838.10.25: Georges Bizet (1838-1875) born in Bougival 1847: After 10 years of friendship, the authoress George Sand and the composer Frederic Chopin break up. 1848: A certain law student begins writing musical libertos in Paris. (Jules Verne) 1849.10.17: Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) dies in Paris. In failing health, Chopin wished to return to his beloved Paris. But, due to the outbreak of tuburculosis, everyone was carefully checked before they could be let in. Friends, placed him, die-ing as he was, in the back of a meat wagon and sneaked into the City of Light. His last words were, "It is a pitty that I am die-ing; as, I have so much more music within me". 1849.05: Thoreau 1852: Albert Abraham Michelson (1852-1931) born, in Strenlo, Prussia. Would team up with Morely in 1893. [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1853: Hendrik Antoon Lorenz (1853-1928) born in ??city??. See: [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1854: Thoreau publishes "Walden"; doctrine of transcendentalism is bourne into theworld. It never left, it was always here. 1856: Nikolai I. Lobachevsky dies in ??city?? 1862.05.06: Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) dies in Condord, Massachusetts. 1863: Jules Verne writes "Five Weeks in a Balloon"; the world of law's loss is SF's gain. 1864: Margaret Macdonald (modernist designer) born in ??city?? 1864.04.21: Max Weber (1864-1920)(political economist) born in Erfurt, Prussia (Germany). 1864.04.23: Phil May (cartoonist/illustrator) born in Wortley, Leeds, UK 1866: Elizabeth Garret Anderson (first woman doctor in England), establishes St. Mary's Dispensary for women and children. 1865.06.07 Charles Rennie Mackintosh (modernist designer/architect) born in Glasgow 1866.09.21: H.G. Wells born in ??city??) sf works 1867 1867:01:20: Lew Fields (1867-1941) born in New York; meanwhile, in another part of New York 1867.08.11: Joe Weber (1867-1942) born in New York. In 1905, Weber & Fields go on Broadway. 1867: Victor Cousin dies in ??city?? "Art for art's sake" 1868: Emil Bernard (1868-1941) born in Lille. 1868: Gustav Meyrink (1868-1932) born in Vienna. 1868: James Herbert McNair (modernist designer) born in ??city?? 1869 .03.18 Hector Berlioz dies in Paris.



Frances Macdonald (modernist designer) born in ??city?? 1874.09.13: Arnold Schoenberg born in Vienna. Native American (AmerIndians) musicians' spirits can finally rest; {after ~~ 23_126 years} 1875: Hans Christian Anderson dies, 1875.06.03: Georges Bizet (1838-1875) dies in Paris. 1879.09.14: Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) born in Corning, New York.


Max Weber (b.1864.04.18, Bialystok, Russia; d.1961.10.04, Great Neck, NY) 1882.04.27:
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) is dies in Concord, Massachusetts. 1882.04.03: Entienne-Jules Marey publishes his paper in Comptes Rendes about his FIXED-PLATE, GEOMETRIC CHRONO-PHOTOGRAPH MACHINE. Making a portable strobe-scope-effect camera available for all uses. His interest phisiology continues. 1886.01.11: Aldo (Rand) Leopold born in Burlington, Iowas, Terra. His much acclaimed re-thinking of "the hunt" and the "hunted" led to his evolution of the concept of "Game Mangement" - nothing to do with Tetris. 1887.05.17: Ludwig Sievert (1887-1966) born in Hanover. 1888: H.G. Wells graduates from Royal College of Science (London) in biology; begins teaching same... 1888: Mary Anderson born in ??city??, Sweden. Labor leader. 1888.05.11: Irving Berlin (1888-1989) born in Mogilyov.


YEARS OF DESTINY. 1890's: Emergence in the history of art of a curious little art school, known as
Pont Aven. 1890.11.08: Cesar Franck (1822-1890) dies in Paris. 1891: Lobachevsky's "Geometrical Researches on the Theory of Parallels" is translated into English. (tumpet and coronet players are ecstatic!) 1891: Herman Melvlille (1819 - 1891) dies in ??city??. 1891.06.09: Cole Porter 1891-1964) born in Peru, INDIANNA. 1892.09.04: Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) born in Marseilles. 1893: H.G. Wells quits teaching BIO at the Royal College of Science (London) to take up his career as a NOVELIST. 1893: Michaelson & Morley fail to find "the aether"in space, bestirs many to think about things "relaive". [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1899.09.26 Rufino Tamayo born in Oaxacy, Mexico) the world may yet be saved through art! (an interior view no doubt)


1900:03.23: At 11am (supposedly that exact time), Arthur Evans began excavation of
Knossos on the isle of Crete. 1903.08.03: Phil May (cartoonist/illustrator) dies in St. John's Wood, London, UK 1905.01.29: Barnett Newman (1905-1970) is born in New York. 2 Fortunately enough "Weber & Fields" open their song and dance act on Broadway. Dorthy Fields (daugther of Lew Fields born). Such are the delicate threads which tie our world together, by; of (especially on a Thursdae). Relativity (in PHYSICS) 1905-1910: Meanwhile, Max Weber (the political economist) is defending his work "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism"; ie, essentially the idea that the religious pre-destination jingoism goes hand-in-hand with the triumphs of captialism, colonialism, etc. This culiminates in his 1916 work "Religious Rejections of the World and Their Directions", which analyses the conflicts between the erotic, the ascetic, and the mystical aspects of religion. 1905: Jules Verne (1828-1905) dies in ??city?? 1907: Physicists Michaelson and Moreley reeeive the Nobel prise in physics. See: [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1907.10.04: Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) dies in Bergen, Norway.


Remedios Varo (the bird lady of surRealism) born in Anglès, Girona, Spain.


1912. Darius Milhaud meets Paul Claudel (poet, playwright, fervent Roman Catholic). M. sez "the greatest stroke of luck in my life". 1913:
Construvist Movement breaks out mainly in Russia. 1914. "THE" Great War (WWI) begins. Hell, handbasket, earth, all in the mix. Munitions factory owners speed ahead. 1915. Darius Milhaud, is unable to join war effort due to medical reasons, assists Belgian refuges. His friend Leo Latil is killed at "the front". 1917: Gustav Meyrink published "The Golum" (novel). 1917: Paul Claudel is appointed minister from France to Brazil, invites Darius Milhaud to go along as "attache". Universe is happy despite the seemingly endless carnage in "The War to End All Wars". While in Brazil, he organises concerts to benefit the Red Cross. 1917: Gustav Meyrink joins the staff of the influential German gazette: "Simpliicissimus". 1917: Elizabeth Garret Anderson dies in ??city?? First British woman doctor; established the St. Mary's Dispersary for woma and children in 1866. 1918.11.23: Darius Milhaud leaves Brazil, winding his way through the West Indies, and some town called "New York" (odd name). 1919: Mary Anderson becomes the head of the Women's Burea of the USA government. Retires in 1944. 1919.02.14: Darius Milhaud arrives back in Paris. Somwhere in the previous 2 years, during the period of the "Bar Gaya" ??, he pens a catchy little tune "Le boeuf sur le toit" (the bull on the roof).


Max Weber (1864-1920) (political economist) dies in Munich. [Ency. Brit] "From 1916 thru 1918 he argued powerfully against Germany's annex-ation-ist war goals and in favor of a strengthened parliament. He stood bravely for sobriety in politics and scholarship against the apocolyptic mood of right-wing students in the months following Germany's defeat. After, assisting in the drafting of the new constitution and in the founding of the German Democratic Party, Max Weber died of a lung infection in 1920. --42-- 1920.12.06: Dave Brubeck (1920-) born in Concord, CA. 1921: Frances Macdonald (modernist designer) dies in ??city?? 1921.12.16: Camille Saint Saens (1835-1921) dies in Algiers. 1922: Ludwig Sievert designs stage for Hindemith's "Sancta Susanna". 1922.04.22: Charles Mingus (1922-1979) Charles Mingus born in Nogales, AZ. 1923: Frenand Leger designs set for Darius Milhaud's ballet "La creation du monde" (creation of the earth; Milhaud, influenced by HARLEM JAZZ; Leger influence by VISUAL PHEOMENON OF DIMENSION THREE. 1924: Ludwig Sievert designs stage for Krenek's "Der Sprung Über den Schatten". 1928: Hendrik Antoon Lorenz (1853-1928) dies in ??city??. See: [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1928.12.10 Charles Rennie Mackintosh (modernist designer/architect) dies in London


c.1930: Barnett Newman destroys most all of his realistic work. 1931.02.18:
Toni Morrison (writer, playwrite, feminist) born in Lorain, Ohio. 1931: Albert Abraham Michelson (1852-1931) dies in ??city??. See: [Relativity] (in PHYSICS) 1932: Gustav Meyrink (1868-1932) dies. 1933: Margaret Macdonald (modernist designer) dies in ??city?? 1933: Aldo (Rand) Leopold publishes his primary text on field ecology: "Game Mangement" 1937: Ludwig Sievert designs the set for Orff's "Carmina Burana". c.1939-40: Barnett Newman stops working; declaring that the world's historical crisis meant that traditional ways of working were in-effective. He begins his: Quest for the Proper Aesthetic into the 1940's begins writing "a lot". Chaos is the wellspring of human creativity, and beauty is irrelevant in the times of such horror. He resurrected the venerable concept of the Sublime for a metaphysical "art which through symbols, will catch the basic truth of life which is its sense of tragedy". ["The Plasmic Image", c.1943-1945 ] [source: Art dictionary, Vol.23, p.26; tips towel to Jane Turner and co...


1940: Dave Brubeck octet founded; including, Bill Smith (clarinett) 1940: Darius Milhaud forced to flee France. In mid journey he receives a RADIO TELEGRAM from Mills College, Oakland, CA to teach. 1941: Cole Porter writes music for "Let's Face It"; libretto by siblings Dorthy & Herbert Weber; ref: [
Weber & Fields, act] 1941: Bernard Emil (1868-1941) dies in Paris. 1942: Mingus plays with Kid Ory in Barney Bigard's Ensemble. 1943: Mingus tours with Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong. 1944: Mary Anderson retires as head of the Women's Burea of the USA government. She is replaced by Frieda S. Miller.


On the morning of August 6th, 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima 8:15 local time. As if this wasn't convincing enough, the scond atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9th. Later that day, Emperor Hirohito called together the "Voice of the Sacred Crane" (the emperor's command). He urged the council to accept the conditions of surrender (from the Potsdam Conference, held on July 26th, by Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin). Even still fanatic milaritsts contemplated an coup-d'tats. ?sp? In 1934, while waiting for a traffic light to change at an intersection in London, near St. Barthalomew's Hospital Leo Szilard (sill-ard) had the idea that if you bombarded atoms with neutrons (which was already known), and that if TWO neutrons were produced, that this could cascade into a CHAIN REACTION causing a tremendous release of energey, per Einstein's equation E=mc2. To keep this idea secret he, patented it, and assigned the patent to the British Navy. Later, after coming to America, he met with Einstein and fellow Hungarian refugee ?name? and they drafted a letter to FDR to begin research to build an atomic bomb. They felt certain that Hitler was capable of developing the bomb as well. After the surrender of Europe, Szilard frantically tried to stop the decision to drop the bomb on a Japanese city -- fearing, among other things, racism. As his life-long friend and fellow scientist, Jakob Brownowski put it, "One memorandum to President Roosevelt only failed because FDR died during the days that Szilard was transmitting it to him. Always Szilard wanted the bomg tested openly before the Japanese and an international audience so that the Japanese should know its power and surrender, before people died. As you know, Szilard failed, and with him the community of scientists failed. He did what a man of integrity could do. He gave up physics and turned to biology - that is how he came to the Salk Institute -- and he persuaded others too.... Szilard replied "it is not the tragedy of scientists; it is the tragedy of mankind". [J. Bronowski, "The Ascent of Man", P. 370] (Bronowski aka "Bruno").
Jacob Bronowski (philo)
1946: Dave Brubeck studies compostion with Darius Milhaud. Irving Berlin write music for "Annie Get your gun"; libretto by siblings Dorthy & Herbert Weber; ref: [Weber & Fields, act] 1946.08.13: H.G. Wells dies in ??city??) B.F. Skinner (behaviorist; in "teaching") Frank Johnson 19xx. Frank Gehry 1947-1948: Charles Mingus tours with Lionel Hampton. 1948.04.21: Aldo (Rand) Leopold dies in Sauk, County, Wisconsin, Terra. died tragically (heroically) while fighting a grass fire on his farm. To the end, he would prefer to watch wild gueese flying to watching television. There's just no figuring about some people. 1949: Dave Brubeck trio founded.e


1950-1951: Mingus gains national attention while touring with RedNorvo's trio (with Tal Farlow). Settles in a town called "New York" working with Duke Ellinton, Stan Getz, Art Tatum, and Bud Powell.


1951: Dave Brubeck quaret founded; Paul Desmond, sax. Experments in 5/4, 9/8, 11/4 time signatures. 1951.07.13: Arnold Schoenberg dies in Los Angeles. 1953: Mingus ROCKS OUT at the famous "Massy Hall" performance in Toronoto with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Album is called "Quintest of the Year, 1953". [Mingus] 1953: Professors Gregory Pincus and Hudson Hoagland meet at the Worchester Foundation for Experimental Biology. Professor M.C. Change soon joins them contributing his extensive knowledge of mamalian reproduction. Shortly, they developed the first birth-control pill. See also: [Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)] 1955: Charles Mingus organises a workshop to create a notation (as well as dictating lines) to each musician to help with the inadequacies of notation for Jazz performance. [Mingus] 1955: James Herbert McNair (modernist designer) dies in ??city?? 1955.05.05: Pizo Eccentric comic strip is born in Fort Worth, Texas. Does not gain national attention, despite almost $1 million being spent on promoting the world tour and a film based on several episodes: "Molecules are Forever". 1959: Dave Brubeck's version of Paul Desmond's "Take Five" puiblished; 5/4 time.


1960d: Mingus' superb work "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" and "Meditations on Integration" are produced. He falls on hard times, such is the stupidity of the world towards the arts. Thomas Reichman makes the
Art Films "Mingus". 1963.10.08: Remedios Varo (the bird lady of surRealism) dies in Mexico City, Mexico. 1964.10.15: Cole Porter (1891-1964) dies in Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA. 1966.09.06: Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) dies in New York. 1967: Dave Brubeck disbands quartet to concentrate on composing. Later in 1960d, Dave re-founds quartet; Gerry Mulligan (until 1972)


1970d: Dave Brubeck arrangements for his sons Darius (keyboards), Chris (bass guitar, bass trombone), Danny (drums) 1970.07.04:
Barnett Newman (1905-1970) dies in New York. Time decides that linearity is more voluminous than the sound of two tap danseurs on a Tuesdae. 1971: Guggenheim fellowship awarded to Charles Mingus. His biography "Beneath the Underdog" edited by N. King. 1974.06.22: Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) dies in Geneva.


1980d: Bill Smitth (clarinet) joins Dave Brubeck Quartet 1986:
Toni Morrison's play 'Dreaming Emmett' produced 1989: Charles Mingus' "Epitaph" is re-constructed, completed, and performed under the direction of Gunther Schuller some 15 years after Mingus' death. 1989.09.22: Irving Berlin (1888-1989) dies in New York.



1991: Charles Mingus publishes "More than A Fake Book". (Having been dead, for some 16 or 17 years, one is reminded of
Ferdinand Sauseur book, published after he died, after had not written any thing down. Curious thing these musicians and philosophers ;) Oddly enough, no seances are held but rather music and literature pause on an elevator between the 4th and 7th flooors.



On the morning of September 11th, 2001. Two planes were deliberately flown into the World Trade Centre towers (aka "The Twin Towers") in New York City, Terra. The world again was changed. Various theories as to exactly who was responsible for the action have been advanced. In short, we are all responsible for the consequent actions that we take. It is your present narator's hope, that these works on art and such will lead to a wider understanding and (hopefully) a greater tollerance for the stupidity of all human beings, for despite their seemingly never-ending tendency to kill, destroy, and torture, I still (for reasons that I can never quite fully fathom) find that there IS hope. -- Pizo.





Toni Morrison's libretto 'Margaret Garner' produced