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Literary Tersm

See especially: {Types of Literature} (below) Abreviation (shortened form; eg, abrev.) Acronym (abreviation) Debate (branches to logic) Deus ex Machina e.g. ("for example", in Latin) etc. ("and so forth", in Latin) etc.html#et-seq">Et. Seq. (and following; as in a reference) ie. ("that is", in Latin) Logic (branches to logic, via debate) Normalcy (normality) Normalcy in SciFi (sf-lit) Opus (a work of (art/writing/etc)) Op. Cit. (Opus citato; in the work (just) sited)s Parts of Speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, and the rest) Q.E.D. (Latin: Quod erat demonstratum: Thus it has been proved) sic (Latin: "thus," ) the odious SPLIT INFINITIVE

Literature Types

Religious plays folk tales historical dramas fantasy sf etc