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Ludwig van Beethoven

See also: [MUSIC Index] [Dimitrii Shostakovich (1906-1975)] [Barnett Newman (1905-1970) [Art History] [Time Line] Also on this page: Ludwig van Beethovan - from the old MAC-2001 files. An impressionistic poem based on Beethoven's 7th.


Beethovan is the [Charles Mingus]- of Classical Music Ludwig van Beethoven (b.1770.12.17, Bonn; d.1827.03.26, Vienna) aka "Ludvig B." "Ludvig VAN", "Bee" pronunskiated: lood vig (like V in vine not wine) bay toh vihn Beethovan IS Beethoen because of several factors. 1) The story is that his father so wanted B to be another Mozart (ie, child prodigy; he composed "twinkle twinkle little star" at the age of four - or so the story goes). As such B's father would slap him simultaneoulsy on the sides of B's ears with his palms to make him listen and conentrate. (again, so the story goes). 2) Beethoven was an outsider, and although a hopeless romantic and falling in love at least one times seriously, he was always lonely and somehow at home/odds with nature, the universe and his fellow man. 3) When he found himself going deaf, it again cast him into his two dualities: Creation (damn them all, *I* am Beethoven it is *i* that hears the music) and of course Destruction (self doubt, etc). 4) And the rest. From him i get the idea of perservering no matter what; well almost. read: "Beethoven: The composer as hero". (pretty much all you need to program your own iconosphericist).

Ludwig van Beethovan - from the old MAC-2001 files...

There is this really "spooky" sounding bit that occurs in the Beethovan's 9th, right around the end of the 2nd movement (about 15-16 minutes into the piece, on the Otto Klemperer rendering: http://www.testament.co.uk SBT 1177 Philharmonia Chorus & Orchestra hmmm, if I didn't know better I'd guess those were minor 7th's (just a wild guess)

An impressionist poem based on listening to Bee's 7th

Bee #7 (1st attemp) re-newal re-surgence re-strength. re-treuth searching trying seeing crY-ing knowing: that we can never find, we can only want. And yet, there (in the twisted sticks within the fire is this little bit of stone. A rock. A small rock, blue, but covered with ash. And we go down to the stream, we wash the rock ALMOST DROP-ING it, we clutch, frantically into the waters and and slips away from us. but we see (for we all ways see) blue. cold. the rock the river cold. blue we see (i think fo the first time in our lives) we see, raising our head we see, the world everything life the universe and the magnificience that is us. everything. and it is enough, we all are borne we all die we alll need want seee thingk, feell, cry, cry, cry, cry for our selves. for our world. ============= next movement (the Sarah brighton) ------- for-ever is my perception of this changed. I am now become a druid. words can not do the things that I need. can art? music? a poet? the builder of buildings, the plan-er of cities? arts, ars, gratis, thoughties. I twist these things called words and letters to mine own desire. where can it lead? mad-ness (maybe We all hope for that relief) into a bedlam they led me, I saw the tortured souls. IMMEDIATELY i KNEW... Paint and paintings, music, clay, art, soft sculptures, and hard METAL SCULPTURES FOR THOSE that can (handle it) btw: THIS IS BEE #7, btw: THIS is von Karajan btw: THIS Is the berlin phil oh, almost forgot. btw: THIS is THE Richard T. (art. it's not just for the rich, or breakfast anymore). (growing tired) (maybe I;ll finish this to-morrow) fo ("foh" -- For, slang black english). but, again comes the SEA the ocean the waves a baby may drown in a bathtub, but, may a moody baby doom a yam? enigma eniggma (stare at those word I do) our world, turns beneath my feet. (at least I have foot to say of that thing: Care for your feet for they even carry us all, from craddle to grave), (i know the movement is ending, kisses to all ========================= This movement is all about Bee's need to prove that he can still compose. I do not know why: Bee's 5th Chai's nug crakker why they are so popular. but, this movement is all about our onw need to (or kneed two) prove our selves to others, twists, turns, subuttles-ties. and then this PAUSE (like a CARTOON picture of some-one (Angel McSpade ??) dreaming and in her cartoon dream a hand-saw sawing a log), maybe it is about (our) need to become, the pull of the ocean as Cousteau's boat PLUNGES deeply into the sea, (the quiet sea), maybe it is about life, maybe it is about death. No. It is about the universe. every universe. some of them waiting to be bourne, others that can (never?) be born. Miss Fire Cracker (and the popcorn upon the lake) h2g2 movie "pops was right, it is a wonderful world" clarke and his lost quin-tillions from the communications satelitel.. \ It is about life LIFF weriou (it is about Mel's beans) (it is about Clint's cowboys) (it is about barb's carrots) it is about it is about method madneesss it is about triumph. Of ALL spirits. it is about symbolism it is about sarcasm it is about irony (which I never understand it is about a certain beagle . dancing with wild abandon. it is abbput mis- and write- spellings but. I do not think that is about money I do not think that is about powr I do not even think that it is about POWER ======================================== (you listen) (you write) if by now you who are deaf can not hear music, then do not lean on me. do not pitty your self that you can not hear (there are a googleoppolix of souls that can hear, but choose not to) do not pitty your self, (well, the rest of THOSE infinities) write them-selves. All I have are words. a pen paper and art. all of the arts. I am singularly (shit, I wish I could describe the beauty of this music).. I am your muse (I find that I am becomeing a muse) (maybe that's what she meant when she said: "Of course you don't have to go back, I can send someone else..." I thought that it was meant to torture me. Now I realize. I am become-ing a muse. the rest is just noise. (that's what this most have sounded like to bee noise. irr-i-tay-ting) by this point we all wonder why our worlds are like this. but, you know the thing is this: When you choose to become en sie ahn artiste, then you take all of the trouble that the "title' endures it self to you. silence is th eonly answer to an indiffernt world. (more battles to be fought) but never give violence (only through your oerver). wow. Note: No ducks (except for one) iconospheres (except for one particular iconospheristist) or fractals (none even one) were damaged during the construction of this work. JUST LIVE IN PEACE, people! (please?)