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Hans Christian Anderson

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Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen (b.1805, Odens, Denmark; d.1875,) Prior to a shakey start after leaving home at the age of 14, he published poems and was (at laast) noticed by King Frerick IV'th who paid for his education and following the publishing of his "A Journey on foot from Holmen Canal to to the Eastern Point of Amager" (1829) the King granted him a pension. And thus began his travels. First with "Improvesitoren" (1935) and later that same year his "minor work" Eventyr which was the first in his new style and evolved into his fairy tales with his characteristic sensitivity to the emotions of his characters. Most famous is the statue of the Little Mermaid in ??harbor?? in ??city, Denmark - sculpted by ??artist??. his influence, style, ...


Important works

"The Emperor's New Clothes" "The Little Mermaid" "The Ugly Duckling"