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Charles Mingus

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Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus (b.1922.04.22, Nogales, AZ; d.1979.01.05, Cuernavaca, Mexico). aka "Charles Mingus, Jr." As I sit here, editing the theatre entry for Weber & Fields, listening to track #10, of the "best of" album of Mingus ".... atomic bomb? ... russia??", teers welling up in my eyes, I *really* do wonder if we will survive? Esp, "4 more years" I wonder. And yet, I keep going. (why; i do not know)


What happened is that he had played Carnigie Hall in New York (sort of like landing on the moon is for astronauts; if they were Amerian; or being blessed by the Pope for some caligraphic work - frood; forget his name; etc). But then when friends found that he was essentially starving to death, they petitioned and a life-time (all too short at this point) stipend was awarded so that he could live at least in a *little* dignity. Odd, how we artists (and i assume the same true for musican artist types) value money so little, and yet in the end - it was causes us to end. It wasn't drink that killed me (er, ahm: Alfred Jarry)