Jules Verne

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Jules Verne

Jules Verne (b. 1828, ??city??); d. 1905, in ??city??)


In general Verne is credited as "the father of SF", in reality they both approached the subject scientifically. Verne thought that Wells' flights of fancy (time travel esp) to be far fetched. Verne prided himself that his novels were of a speculative and near-to-happeing nature. BOTH he and H.G. were well versed in the on-going events in science and technology of the time. Of course this isn't to say that Jules wasn't above "stretching a point". If the "Earth to Moon" rocket *were* launched by a single BOOM - everthing inside would be subject to an almost atom-falttening 20 G's or so - don't quote me on the num's). Oddly enough, Tsilikovski had already worked out the mechanics of the multi-staged rocket, but being in Tsarist Russia such non-sense wasn't worth publishing. Prob similar to the fate of mathematician Lobochevsky who was dismissed from his teaching post for reasons unknown (other than challening Euclid's 5th postulate! ;)

Major Works

"Five Weeks in a Balloon" (1863) on of Verne's first forays into scientifically-based romance adventures.