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Dear Frank Leeding, Yes, what you say is rubbish. And I dare you to take it upon yourself to COMMUNICATE instead of taking your audience for granted. To communicate means to bring together. Do it. To be frank (sic!-nobody can be Frank!): you are raising important points. However, the importance of a point does not justify the frenzy of the discourse, the lack of structure and clarity. Just for the sake of a dialog: 1. define your goal (in the simplest way) 2. identify your method 3. build your argument 4 conclude 5. leave some room for alternative ideas. Do not force your readers/audience to guess what you want. Do not take it for granted that we all share in your ever expanding database of information (which is different from knowledge, as you know). Why do I write this to you, and to your long list of e-mail recipients, instead of ignoring the message? Because all of us, students, researchers, teachers would like to learn from you: what are your questions? What bothers you? how do you see things improving, or at least changing? I for one, since I do NOT speak for anyone else, would like to tell you that the generic claim *we artists" deserve to be uttered with some modesty. Nobody is more of an artist than you are already acknowledged as such. Are you an artist? Think about it. The claim to be an artist is appealing as it is dangerous. Some are artists, whether they know it or not; others are not, whether they claim or not to be artists. Think about it. That you want to be one deserves respect. It is a high goal, and it implies that you will work hard for making it happen, provided that your talent (yes, the T word cannot be avoided!) will help in the process. I apologize for an answer I suspect you did not really request; the highest form of respect is the honest opinion shared with those we want to acknowledge as part of our lives. But let's not start a discussion on character here and now (as much as I think that your many friends could profit from it). Best wishes. Stay well. Mihai Nadin


Please, let's not make trivial the idea of an artist being something more than actually is, an artist. It instills an idea-almost of a "show-biz entertainment fictional" story of art - made by ART ESTABLISHMENT - ...let me be part of it, please... NO Artist is an artist whose artwork might suck, or be good, shallow, or deep, entertaining or boring. But it should have no more importance than any other draftsman of other sort. In the period since French revolution and or around that time, there has arisen an idea where Artist have been given some false "great scale of importance" in societies. In days of our own, we have society that we live in, where some of major representatives of art establishment - dealers, museum curators, art historian and artists, heavily celebrate ignorance, mediocrity as to be considered as highest quality... - in the arena known as ART- Visual Art. You know the line at Public Radio, "great nation deserves great arts...," and then we go to museums and look into many different ways of presentation of flowers, mountains and or landscapes-with just a bit of touch of modernity-21st c., ...Hollywood rules even more in the art form which we address as Visual Art - used to be Fine Art. And, again, please let's not trivialize a social role "being an artist." It seems to me that this story about art it is so obliterated with nonsense, which so desperately seeks to be considered sense, that the only thing that is missing in all this discourse of last almost 70 years about art is actually art itself. I love naive approach to art and discourse about art. It does remove the stiffness of academia, but not for the sake of creation a mediocre artwork and or discussion, but rather the artwork and the playful, and at some point, insane discourse, which I kind of like. ...More or less of it I might not get it, but I like it. Well, maybe FL should be more considerate when he is accessing people's email accounts with his e-mails, and maybe FL you might ask about permission from people to be engaged in this, hopefully soon, to be a blog. That blog could be further developed and divided into one of a more free style discussion, and also to have another areas of more strict lines of discourse. But, for the end, randomness, and passion with the bit of a spice of insanity might give us something, and ain't that "something" is what we like to recognize in "what we call - artwork." Let's not cut it in its root. gORAN www.gmaric.com