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So, why bother?

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Being a series of responses to the "ad hominum" (Latin: To the man; in LOGIC: Attacking the person rather than their arguments; to impune the reputation of an "opponent"). Anyway... On this page:


The problem is that we have this problem of INTEGRITY. After all, when all is said and done, that's all that we have: Our integrity as an artist. So, what does THAT mean? If we copy something and pass it off as our own work (that is, without annotating it, etc - if we *really* need to - yes, because not everyone has studied art history). There is one copy of "The Fountain" done in gold. So, 90% of all artists know what i'm talking about, right? No: What about ceramics people? Or architects? WHICH fountain? See, i'm not trying to be snobbish about it, it's just that we often assume a context. If we're in a SURREALIST WORKSHOP (say pretty intense and advanced and such), we *could* presume the context. But, as with all such things we NEED TO INTRODUCE THE SUBJECT. Part of this goes back to: WOW!! What i have to say is really nice and great! And so, i'm just going to pour it out. Might be some gaps. Then comes discussion: So, what did you mean about "Jazz and Bach" ?? Then i'd explain what i meant, and then others would add to it - cf/qv (compare/contrast although it might contrast/compare ???) And *hopefully* the following would occur: a) It would occupy our minds in some sort of really cool discussion of the arts, the aesthetics of stuff, etc. b) Illuminate, intrigue, stimulate, etc more study. c) Be interesting, Be enlightening or be confusing - but hopefully not to the extent to be frurstratingly down-taking. etc....

Perf - Frank: Why Bother?


So, what is the point of what might laughingly be called my "art"? Does it have any purpose other than Jim-1's statement that: "I find art to be the most self-indulgent form of narcism that there is. It's odd that i choose art to express that." So, is it such an ego trip? Why do we go through this to begin with. Obviously there is the out-side view of it all: We just pick up a canvas or marble block (anything less wouldn't be REAL art) and then we put some squiggles on it that don't mean anything. And when questioned about what we are trying to say, we mumble some well-memorised words like "negative space" or "juxtaposition" or such. And then when backed into a corner, we throw out things like, "Well, it's like Frank Stella's geometrics as opposed to Helen Frankenthaller flowing style" All of which is of course to continue the great fraud that is art. And then of course we keep insisting that our our art is worth a lot of money -- and that our art is GREAT like Picasso's or of course Thomas Kincaid's, etc. Well, that's it. Never mind the torture that we put ourselves through searching for the "something" (or the "there there", or the "whatness", etc).... But, to generally respond (and believe me this isn't out of anger -- but out of abject depression) - i mean if i can't *communicate* with someone in the same program, then what;s the point of even *trying* to whip my "Artist as Shaman" into something resembling an APA-style (not even settling for AP or MLA - they're FORMATING GUIDELINES for formal papers). SO, here it is: "behind the scenes".... (and yes, i'm *still* not gay) >communicate instead of taking your audience for granted. >communicate means to bring togeher. ... [ later on ]... >Do not take it for granted that we all share in your >ever expanding database of information (which >is different thatn knowledge). First off, i don't *ever* take anyone for granted - you go through a flood and see how it changes your view of "just some person" - giving you a cup of hot cocoa (not just water!) makes you look at every single person just a tad bit differently. i would like to think that my "musings" which i gladly share with others and sometimes get responses to. I guess it goes back to not really anyone (other than a few close froodz) taking me seriously in the first place - you can't attend a wake for a cranky old fellow artist and not be changed a bit. Yep: A *lot* of my art (if i can at lease call it that myself -- whether that's justifed in the "world at large" or not) and life revolves around death. Friends killed in war (or just died under the knife later as a result of war), suicides, jail time, or other shit -- not that my life has had into it intruded much of death: But hey, i'm an empath and *can* read the news paper. It's all just garbage on TV - but it's high quality garbage. There may appear to be an ego at work here, but a lot of it is just a lonely voice in a wilderness hopeing to have somethng like an intellegent conversation about MAP (Music, Art, Philosophy, etc) in a world that never ceases to be obsesssed with the latest turn of events of Paris Hilton, etc. So sue me. One of my birth dates is supposedly on Socrates' birthday; whether treu or not things do affect the computer that is me. I mainly view myself as a sort of emotional robot that has no real choice but to continue to exist. And i'd be the first to say that what passes for being smart (i have a *board certified* IQ of 142 (which pleases me numerically, but just makes it frustrating to be able to ALMOST understand so many things, but not being smart enough to get to the bottom of stuff without a lot of help (take that as reading stuff - as i often sed: "If you read a book, you will almost certainly learn something". Couple this with the fact that i was dropped on my head way too many times over the years (bicycle-car encounters not with standing) and of course the ADD/ADAH or what-ever it's called. And of course my continual insomnia - TV gets REAL old, real fast. And of course almost perfect recall of infomration (once i learn it -- until then, i always confuse things poetically: I blame phonics for it; but go figure). >frenzy of the discourse I'm sorry, but that's all i know. If you want to you can ask Thomas Riccio what he thought of my "evolution" as a "scholarly writer" in his Rituals Class. Who knows - to me everything has an immediacy of "now-ness"; i *really* don't get time, but then that's because it's a fiction (well at least to me). And causality is the biggest hoax of all - and please don't start on about dropping a hammer on my gout-ridden foot! >1. Define your goal. My "goal" (if i have what might pass for one) is this: 1) Keep creating. 2) Keep surviving, 3) Don't die. 4) - try not to think about option 4 too much; you know: SUICIDE Other than that, i live by the simple credo: Enjoy life; do the least harm. Help if you can; but don't get to upset it all gets screweed up worse than before. >2. Identify your method. Pretty much it's based on thinking about stuff, learning more stuff, and then using a RANDOMISER process try to make up new stuff that is also true. Of course in the case of fiction, the same except try to write stuff that is NOT boring, repetitive, copied, dull, etc. >3. Build your argument. I find this to really be a waste of time. First off to assume that *anyone* (yes, even *your god*) has this absolute knowledge and thus can construct an absolute argument is just famous last words waiting for a clown to throw a pie in the metapphorical face. Also, i find all of the "death dealing ego trips" to be most of the problem. So, i'd say "try to get as much of it right as possible", and then come up with rules of thumb to handle the exceptions. Say, i did actually come up with some sort of "Unified Art Theory" (like the "Unified Field Theory" that Einstein spent the last several decades of his life working on - and note that this didn't keep him from working on peace and writing essays on philosophy - to help people to understand/change the world around us; ie, he wasn't "just an arm-chair philosopher"). Anyway, today i do the UAT thing, and tomoorow some new artist comes up with a counter-example (as they say in maths; ie, an example which proves the theorem wrong). Me: I'd asy good! Change is good: It isn't boring; same with differences in general. >4. Conclude. Again, i don't believe in such things -- all efforts are part of the on-going conversation about science, art, maths, or even the nature of ducks. Ducks are my "random element" - refer to GOOGLE on 'pataphysics, Monty Python, etc -- ie, absurdist things in their current usage/context/etc. >learn from me.. i think that's mostly rubbish. What i understand are little bits and pieces (which is about all of us can only hope for). Again, bowing to the fine folks at Monty Python Productions: Exercise, don't eat so much and read a book every now and then. And of course (in the sub-titles) - try to not fight and kill each other so much. But, hey: If you're reading this, you'll just dismiss it and turn back to the TUBE to see what Paris Hilton will do next! (i know i can't wait!) >being an artist (etc) Some people are brick layers whether they know it or not. Others are not, claim to be brick layers or not. Simple subsitution shows the absurdity of the old saws, that we (they?) atists all know by heart: 1) I can tell that's good art - it looks like it took a long time to do. 2) That must be good art, it's in a museum. Even if i don't understand it - in which case it's a waste of the TAX PAYER'S money; ie, i wish they'd spend the money on building wider high ways for my SUV which is never used for sporting events or excursions into the "wild" --- oooh, a wild Shopping Mall Adeventure; can't wait for National Geographic to show that one. (the one Weapon i do profess to have and use is "sarcasm") 3) I don't know much about brick layers (art), but i know what i like! (tips towel PBS tv series "In our Image" (on the arts and sech). >and the "T" word can't be ignored. Don't i know that: "Well, he's a nice person. But, he has no talent at all" "Well, it'd be different if you had any talent" (multiply x 275) - yep, i can just see myself spending 2 or 3 solid years (mostly motivated out of anger) just to MASTERING the graphic design arts rather than abstract art. After all, everyone knows that a slick ad in a magazine is better than some blobby picture of some naked peasant hugging a pig - and i'm sure that that sort of soddomy should be banned. >That you want to be one [ie, an artist] deserves respect. No it doesn't. In America if you say you're an artist or a poet then it's actually worse than to say that you're a janitor. And of course the "respect" thing is rubbish as well. Respect doesn't pay the rent, and if we really wanted to turn out art works that matched people's wall paper, then people wouldn't buy any more art work than they do now. Oh, yes, of course: We always have to go back to equating success and a full life to being economically successful - or at least having your own tv show and being on THE A LIST (as if there aren't really a whole slew of "A" lists up and down the scale). And the "examined life" that Socrates spoke of? Well, we all remember what Plato wanted to do to the artists and poets - kill them. And of course we are STILL bound by the Aristotilean Unities -- too bad wars aren't bound by the Geneva Convention. And then the #1 worst sling and arrow: >But, let's not start a discussion on character here >and now (as much as I think that many of your >friends could profit from it). I just don't even know where to start on something like that. If you're saying that i could profit from any sort of counciling... I'd say: HELL YES! I don't thing that there's a single man, woman, child, or nether that couldn't benefit from help. Sign me up. Just don't go trying to give me drugs (one of my good friends just sort of "folded up" when his wife died and with the "help" of Prosac - the person that i knew is GONE). But, counciling??!! Hell, how many times have i "been there" for my friends? And in the same way, I'd say that i have five or ten really close friends, numerous acquaintences, and then a pretty good handfull (including the ten or so friends) with whom i'd entrust my life - or someone else's life. Let's face it, most people use the "shields" to keep others at a distance and then run through a set of "algorithms" to simulate authentic conversations, but of course it's mostly just an act since i find that *most* people aren't even honest with themselves, let alone others. Or, as the most every-man every-man Havey Pekar (American Splendor author) put it: "Until something really bad comes up, you cant' really tell who you can depend on". Of course, depending on someone (eg, a doctor, fireman, etc) is quite a bit different from friendship. But, then on this planet i don't really expect much - prob why i'm so constantly and pleasantly surprised: Lower your expectations and in general you'll be happier. Well, you maybe. Me: I'm just Eyeore. (The dispondent donkey of "Winnie the Pooh" fame). As always, all the best. Try not to fight too much or there will be no pudding after nap time. Peace to all, frank (and of course a tip of the old towel as well) --42--