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NOTE: (and i know this will irritate *some* people) -- rather than have something like this: {Links} (down below) -[]- (literature entries) etc... -[]- (theatre entries) Thomas Beckett music entries.... John Cage, P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Shickley, etc)... EVERYTHING IS DADA !!! - it's right here, blokes. We appologise for the in-convenience of "your one" best source of high-quality decimal points! Note: I make a *slight* distinction: "daDa" (etc) was a movement in Zurich which then moved to Koeln and Paris. dadaism - is a state of mind (or mime of a duck!) Note: {REFS: Print media on Dada, ducks, and Theatre of the Absurd} {www dada/absurdist links, below} See also: [Dada] (main entry) [Cubism] [Sur-realism] [Fin de Siecle] (end of cycle? or foot warmer?) [Art Movements] [Time Line]


Dadaism is the collective "ism" given to a movement that ostensibly began after World War I (or shortly there at, time-wise). In Zurich, Switzeland, Terra (see map) with the end of "the great war" - the "war to end all wars", the "first modern war", etc - came a very dismal feeling that things weren't all that keen. Sort of like when Snow White eats the apple and you don't know if things are going to turn out all right or not. On this page: {<><>}

The Usual Suspects

Hans Arp () () Johnannes Baader (1875-1955) (cosmic president) Max Ernst (1891-1976) (cosmic culinary crookshank) Juan Gris () () George Grosz () (anti-puppet of the capitalists) John Heartfield () (Hitler chopper) Hanna Hoch (1889-1978) (Dometic Servant) Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) (Postal Clerk for the REIGHT!)


REFS: Print media on Dada,

ducks, and Theatre of the Absurd...

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]- Some abs fab sites: -[www: amr.obook.org - library project]- -[Extreme Tracking]- Looks to be a v. v. nice portal!!! - and not just for ducks and dada either!!! Some useful googles. NOTE: Using the SAME keywords on DIFF search engines, OFTEN yields diff things. "absurdist forums" -[a closed board, but worth Fishing about]- see esp links to the former posters and such - many have their own BBS's -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]-