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See also: -[Barbara Haskell]- (Author/Editor for: The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984) ??SOURCE??? Originating in Germany, "fluxus" was chosen since it's cognates in many languages means "change". As an avante gaurde movement, George Maciunas coined the term in a talk given in 1961 at the Gallery A/G in New York. Primary were the primal and libidinal displays of energy, rather than seeking popular support fluxus attempted to shock the petite bourgeous from their complacent sleep of lethargy. That this movement co-incided with the same period as Los Interiorists in Mexico, as other world-wide movements is probably *not* a coincidence. Dissonance and cacophny were often a feature, making fluxus events similar to happenings.

The Usual Suspects

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