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Performance frank: Realism Now!

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Performance frank: Realism Now!/h1> Starting concepts (artist's note/work book - ie, my sketchbook as an artist at this point-in-time (ATPIT)...) Music - Steve Reiche - Percussion on infinite repeat (movement #3, i think) Ronald Reagon - actor actor's guild realism the professor (as archetype) | steam of ---- sciam (still a sort of professor thing going here) conscience | But it was Descartes' reasonings that got us into this predicament in the first place. Are you saying, that by using logic (and doubt) to get out of Redfern's Labyrinth? Sheckly's Labyrinth, etc. Art performance --> Clarke and Essary Uba: Well you know the thing about Laurel and Hardy is that they are sort of silly. gleeba: Well, you know they *are* comedians. Uba: well, too much..... Mahler's Symphony #4 (esp first few movements (the tamborine) and then THAT voice --> and the children's choir... rachet and pawl (some sort of mechanimS, me thinks... 03c ----> robot pengies and sparky and electrics (a plain old vid drama) Sagi and Gupta ... hmmm the aesthetics of performed text - Pollock inifinity ONE and then the expensive FLY STRIP ($7 vs the 1/2$$ one) or how does 49 cents become 98 cents er, ahh, 99 (which i never said)...