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Story Lab 6; Syn-thesis

Breakdown of the Old; Making of the New

6. Story Moves from One Place to Another. The removal from one place and origins to a new place and reality. Breakdown of the old, making of the new: Post-modernism. Creating a new story: The confluence of cultures and stories. The metapor of the body updated and transformed by technology; the microscopic meets the far terrestrial in simultaneity. {Back to Story Lab "stuff"}

The Text

Introductory Notes

Next, comes the breaking down of the old, and the making of the new (adapt or die). This goes back to Hegel's equation: Thesis (the extant) pervades the system, "problems" are percieved, thus, the thesis causes its "anti" (opposite) to come into existance: Anti-thesis (the proposed solution(s)). Out of this "conflict" comes a "new age" or the syn-thesis (the process of synthesizing). Thus: Thesis + Anti-thesis --> Synthesis