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Story Lab 6; adaptation

Creating new story; the confluence of culture and story

6. Story Moves from One Place to Another. The removal from one place and origins to a new place and reality. Breakdown of the old, making of the new: Post-modernism. Creating a new story: The confluence of cultures and stories. The metapor of the body updated and transformed by technology; the microscopic meets the far terrestrial in simultaneity. {Back to Story Lab "stuff"}

The Text

Introductory Remarks

There are two aspects to this phase of the "story": Of course there are always that remember the "good old days" -- the reactionary element that doesn't want to evolve/change/move. And thus the old plus "maybe we could just change/move a little" (reaction against change) and of course some one offers up a bit of snake oil -- new lamps for old; new wave (new age) that allows (or at least offers) the reactionary a seemingly new way of dealing with the new era -- in reality it's just the same old confinement loaf but with a new, improved ZESTIER (but, not too much so) SAUCE!!! The other is the story as "helper" that aids in the change that is rapidly become apparent as necessary. In the case of physics at the turn of the 1900c, one "schema" after another of ever increasing complexity was used to explain the new results. For example, the atom appeared to be mostly space (the Rutherford, et al experiments); as Asimov put it, "it was as if you aimed a shotgun at a piece of tissue paper, and the the bullet rebounded back towards you!" (not an exact quote. See his "Understanding Physics, series).