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Some of a time-viewing nature may find this useful: -[Time Line]- Everything is scattered all over the place, but mostly the main folders are ALPHABETICAL: -[ah - art history]- anthro - under teaching art - art works in general mac-2001 - The original "Music, Art Conversation" pages the-paris-project - Paris: 1848 to 1918 - Seventy Years that shaped a world the-pond-art-school the-pond-gallery the-pond-normal-school (teaching teachers to teach..) 42 - All things DNA-realted (Douglas Noel Adams of "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame) botany careers censorship chem - chemistry clip-art -[film]- As a study field. See also: -[SciFi films]- as such geo - geology, ecology, etc health -[history]- (including politics, economics, etc) is-that-jazz jobs journalism lingo - various languages literature /sf - scifi maths music pataphysics - serious un-seriousness philo - philosophy physics pkda2001 - technology and such including games poetry psych - under teaching: The Pond Normal School qt - quantum thinking quotes radix - Radio and Electronics science sociology - under teaching: The Pond Normal School sports teaching - The Pond Normal School theatre - including opera and danse travel tv vids zix (zix and other iconosheres) zoo - zoology -[Back to the BEK main page]