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                       {Sherman's March}
                       {THe Grace Lee Project} by Grace Lee
                       {Born Rich} by Jamie Johnson
                       {The Alchol Years} by Carol Morley


Sherman's March

imdb entry] Try to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Metaphorical movement: "Finally i headed south to see my family" (voice over) Parallel to this, he walks out of frame (stage right). If the text or the view that is shown is interesting (or intricuit), then DON'T use a lot of camera movements or zooms (in or out).

The Grace Lee Project

imdb entry] Interchangeable drones. Doomed to a life of perfection. Loss of idenity. And yet the sense of being cast from some sort of archetypal superstruct.

Born Rich

imdb entry}

Carol Morley

imdb entry} Cutting back and forth.. Use of a repeated prop (the duck or the horse on a stick) Voice over from one person (a woman) Video of a man (supposedly one of her lovers) and then cutting over to the duck