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Poets/Poetesses/Poits: Persistent, isn't/aren't she/they?

A Bit of Emily...

Shall I take thee, The Poet said To the propounded word? Be stationed with the Candidates Till I have finer tired - The Poet searhed Philology And when about to ring For the suspended Candidate There came unsummoned in - That portion of the Vision The Word applied to fill Not unto nomination The Cherubim reveal -
-- Emily Dickinson's Poem's (Final Harvest, ed/sel by: Thomas H. Johnson) (Ah Emily! If ever there was the true incantation of the spirt of the muses, 'tis she, indeed. In deed, in spirit, in elan.

The First 3 Poems of the m-a-c site

(Of course, Ozy was the first)...
Slow Dance Selections from Gary Snyder's: Turtle Island Percy Shelly's Ozymandius

more poems follows, but first this word from ... (ahem) "me" (cough, bargle) ...
Local Beat-nik poetry A flow of poems from ...2000/Oct/25 A Second flow of poems... 2000/Dec/02 Flow 3 ... 2000/Dec/10 Bon hiver! Mostly Nature: A flow from Summer (in progress) Autumn 2001 Poems from 2001: Hopes for a Millenium that began 2001... The War Mask (the masque of war) Thanks Giving 2001

2002: New hopes, new fears

Paris 2002: A Poet's Holiday. (or there and back again) Flow of August 2002: The Poet's Pledge, etc

2003: Times of trial, times of tribulation, times of wonder.

2004: A year of silence for a fallen poet

A rocky vision

2005: Turmoil, tumult, but....

2006: Aces wild, and three-eyed Jacks

2007: Of wars and rumours of warz

2008: Much confusions, and a people's march

2009: Of symbols and crosses borne


2011: The Gravy Train

2012: And the man dances at last

2013: Not yet a prime time

2014: ?

Other stuff:
An Elegy to a Fallen Worker Awake, Oh Poet! Songs of Jockie Bear The Path of the Poet Some Post-Modern Pseudo-Feminist Poetry Epitaphs... The Continuance
From Ursula K. Le Guin's: The Lathe of Heaven Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Excelsior! Samuel Taylor Coleridge href="./ee.htm">Senior E.E. (e.e. cummings) href="./frost.htm">Robert Frost href="./parker.htm">Dorthy Parker href="./paz.htm">Octavio Paz Edgar Allan Poe Walt Whitman William Butler Yeats

Remainder of the File is just some blurble that seems persistent

A Brief Note for Non-poets that see no sense in all of this. (The ONLY appology you'll ever get from me)... (for the rest uv us, there is no more that need be said, in any century or year un-bound, or even in quiet-moments (in deepest intro-spection . *(|and all of you know HOW i yearned to hyphen-ate and re-phrase But. Here I am. Just a lowley editor. There is no greater way, there is nothing more to say. And THEY (the editors, and the right-speakers) (and in our lessened (lesson-ed) century, thne time In our era : the pol-iti-cally correct. I (damn) them and their way -- even if I (truely) mean my soul -- as if she would take a poet's soul from her or him whilst composting com-posit-ing :: words as best can be "true" No. (sigh, deee-p deep sigh): No poet ever has , nor will ever-be can, do or not can not do: No one through-out any universe (not EVEN ours) can ever tell more treu than Emilly did. When "angel's child" "whispered in Her ear" and word came to page as un-spent meteor thru atmosphere carrying a message from God: Leave the smagging poet's alone !!!! [ From this (your editor surmises) that (a) God got plenty more meteors. (b) God REALLY tired for self-serving peoople -- in office or not. (c) god got "stuff" tuh due. ] So there it is then: Page [ 248 ] Deii poetas amant. [ The gods like/love poets ] (And remember: You "hoid" it here foist !!) Return to the m-a-c page Return to the HOME page

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