Bon hiver! 2000/Dec/31

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Come cold the snow -- White fleeced our warm world. Cold, crisp sounds. Adults relunctantly chore their errands -- wondrous wonderland for children. Cold white magic everywhere. Sleep little froggy, sleep, secluded warmly below ground. Sleep, little froggy, sleep White blanket holds you dear until spring's thaw -- your curtain call. For nature's wondrous play continues....
Bon Hiver! bon hiver. Good winter and day to you all. Cold and clear, snow-carpeted Earth. Bon hiver, bon hiver. Winter's rise a cold feat, Air's surprise a snowy pleat Skirts of white cool so night Bon hiver, bon hiver. Sleepy times come round at last, Snow's covered my summer's repast, The pic-nic table all in white Starlings call, and still the night. Bon hiver, bon hiver. Heater spark and fire crackle, Dreamily from my long sleep I hear a grackle. Cold winds yet to blow, Whose is the future, is it, yet to know Bon hiver, bon hiver. And when long night, come round at last, I settle in from supper night's brief repast Amd pull quilts up tight and settle in finally at night Wishing and dreaming of you: Bon hiver, bon hiver. Back to the POETRY page To the MUSE's poetry page Back to the m-a-c page Return to the HOME page

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