Flow #2 2000/Dec/2


Micro cosm within and mega cosm without. Macro are we searching for something that we know not of. Doubt, cynacism, selfish-ness: Shout these things! -- lest we be thought fools. If I alone must say it, then I will. I am but weak flesh, pen in hand, writing, reading, singing, laughing... Laughing at all of my weakness-es that I see reflected in the fear-trodden, trembling unto death image of you. Hear, hark, listen WELL. For I have been, am now, and will always be: Nothing, no-thing not even derission can un-make my past. Nothing that any one ever can do can un-do my best times: My memories of when I have done good, I have un-selfish-ly given of myself to help, to save, to listen, to an other. Let my smug laughter rise to such volume that all cynics should shudder -- Lest you hear my words and do right by others -- fearing not derission.
I know the way to be strong, invincible. Yes, totally. It is simple: If you do not care about anything, then you can not be harmed. And on the one hand -- I do not. But, on the other, I do. And yet, I find that in such glorious uncertainty and chaos -- I have all the strength I need. I know how difficult it is to: be calm, to be content, to be glad, to be full-filled. Yes, on the same journey we all are, and I have to hope that by my example, the wrong, will at last do right.
The yellowness of soft moon beams is not lost on a sleeping frog, dreaming of swimming in the shadow of daylight. Nor should it be for you -- either.

An affirmation

Swelling within me, each breath re-affirms my dedication to life, and the avowing to do no harm.
Resonance, listening, brightly, feeling the good green earth: Autumn and winter approach.
Journey for your world, Tide all of your sorrows and greed -- and then you will hear the song of the Earth.
I write: ripples upon an ocean of paper that cascades as water falls down from a mile high above which shinning stars illuminate eagles watching frogs juming into the pond below. My mind flows effort-less-ly, words pour effusely, and warm smells of breakfast as a child brings a smile to your lips as you listen to the breezes reminding you of joys now rememembered.
At quiet of night, startled I listen, and hear the whipper-whill call out and frogs answer back. Calmness within and with-out.
Loud, red fire crackers smell of burned sulfur brightly cooling in the night.
Link, Lank Clink, clank -- we harm each other mostly by indifference, which only serves to protect us from carying enough to see our selves in each other.
Oh, roses red, words left un-said. Oh, torment of regrets as togther we spent many a laugh and tear and now alone my memories stragely comfort me now that you are gone.
Of friends and family -- and all the work they require of ourselves to maintain. And yet, a bit of introspection and letting loose of self-pity will gain-stay us more. For, surely there has been enough of THAT ! So, smile, screw it, just be the out pouring of happiness and sooner you will be happy as well. Back to the POETRY page To the MUSE's poetry page Back to the m-a-c page Return to the HOME page

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