Paris 2002

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Paris 2002

A Poet's Holiday

(or there and back again)

(ALT texts) (my rendering of a Hobbit Hole 
complete w/two sitting chairs.
-- that's a good question,
   i don't know if it's
"Actually these business trips are ok, but having to work while away from home is patently absurd" -- quote attributed to T'rrr'rr'loch the Travelor
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As if traversing the inside of a scalloped onion, the white alabaster toroid looms over-head, curving to the left, up and up we go, until we reach the sign that says
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Opening Dedication: Arivee a l'airporte Finally into hard slumber's arms an old poet's weary body heavily falls. And but Lo! Called from nature's healing remedy, he sits shivering at a round table -- fuzzy-blue-blanket hafl-held with one hand (and half holding a kleenex) the other hand holds a pen.

Of a certain hat, nose and stature

HARD sculpted this clam -- a nautillas -- of harsh clay of cold soil is cast the man. Rounded interiors -- of a man called de Gaulle, his airport named after.
Hard won, a bitter triumph, a delicate democrocie teeters ... about to fall, when a kind hand steadies the cradle of Chopahn's last retreat: d'Gaul.
Half torn from on war's wounds, betrayed and betrayor easily yield to (mangineau's conquorer, a little corporal) and to LIGHTENING'S ZOT and startled suprise to many a Frankish steeded cavalry-mon. Fizzled fire-cracker rejecting the half-breed Saxon's offer of: The Union of Two Nations Frank and Brit. CAPITULATION, OCCUPATION, HESITATION. All is lost. And yet....

FORGED IN THAT MOMENT'S RUBICON: One last time to leave the third republic's shores. FORMED CAST SCULPTED
Made manifest; a symbol: a hat, a nose, a stature: French: de Gaulle.

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"Art Lesson"

Gleeba: Why so glum, Meepo? Meepo: I can't remember: On the Mona Lisa, are her hands folded left over right, or right over left. Or can you see her hands at all? It's driving me nuts -- I musta seen that painting a billion times!!!! Gleeba: When you have perfection you can never see it exactly. Ever. Meepo: That really helps!

Tau #57

You govern a Kingdom by normal rules; You fight a war by exceptional moves; But, you win the world by letting alone. How do I Know that is so? By what is within me!
The more taboo's and inhibitions that there are in the world, The poorer the people become. The sharper the weapons the people possess, The greater the confusino that reigns in the realm. The more clever and crafty the men, The oftener strange things happen. The more articulate the laws and ordinances, The more robbers and thieves arise.
Therefore, the Sage says: I do not make any fuss, and the people transform themselves. I love quietude, and the people settle down in their regular grooves. I do not engage myself in anything, and people grow rich. I have no desires, and the people return to simplicity.
On a round table, sits a triangular piece of racclette cheese (some-where between Mazarella and Gouda in mildness, a half-full bottle of Peach Juice in a square wine-bottle-like plastic bottle, and an apple core (with stem).  Outside a ficticious window, a bit of Le Louvre can be seen.  Triangular the modern pyramid Pei placed; some-how it works.
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(Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu, translated by John C.H. Wu, Shambhala Dragon Editions, ISBN 0-87773-388-0)

The muses are beyond our understanding. They guide us in ways that the General, The King (or their Guards) can never comprehend. And yet it is by that very distinction that the distinction itself arises. The General and The King demand to KNOW, demand to understand. And they send their guards -- dumb-footed-portly; but never tasting fat, hard-faced-sharp; but never savoring cheese, cold-hearted-stern; but never in awe of lightening. They in all of their mix of lust, greed, power, glory, dross (and not to forget FAME; the worst drug of all) They grabble and grains of sand (this thing called "understanding"). -- and yet we do not need to undestand know control have want need desire -- for we are.

He was enticed by her beauty, for indeed he had beheld beauty before. And he stumbled, his legs giving out. He was enticed by her charm, for charm is a wondrous spell. And he seemed as if in a trance of un-imaginable delight. He was enticed by her spirit, for the spirit is the direct-essence of all things. And then he took flight, fleeing from her, For he recognized these strengths within her, and drew back, affraid. But. She only held out her hand to form a perch. And gently, ever so gently, he settled dove-like, trembling upon her out-stretched hand. And she said only to him: "Go. For the world needs your words." And the poet (with small tears in his eyes) flew off into the dark night, to bring songs of love, peace and hope to all. For. She is his muse.

Tau #47

Without going out of your door, You can know the ways of the World. Without peeping through your window, You can see the way of Heaven. The farther you go, The less you know. Thus, the Sage knows without travelling, Sees without looking, And achieves wihtout Ado, non-ado. (ref: opus citato, John C.H. Wu)

On thoughts mostly politic

Openning Dedication: Of things that we think that we know: Few. Of those things that we think that we understand: Fewer still. Of that which (when we allow ourselves to) of those things that we feel: Infinite.
The Rational Communist recognizes that for some, there can only be capitalism. The Rational Capitalist recognizes that for some, there can only be communism. The sage by non-ado shows to each that both are completely correct.
The communist and the capitalist see in the mirror their sworn enemy -- and hence the cold war. Each defines themselves by the the other. If the capitalist builds a great tower (to proclaim their single ego) and this inspires the people with the limitless nature of the spirit, If the communist tears down all institutions (to decry the selfishness of the aristocracy) and this inspires the people with the limitless compassion of the heart, Then they are both the two halves of the tao.
If the capitalist pulls from the people all of the products of their days work and decries the uniqueness of each individual, If the communist mixes the people into an indistinguishable soupd and decries the uniqueness of each individual, Then they both deny the tao, and only sing the fames of the ego of the beauty of the nature of the glory of the system of their "truth".
The gods laugh at such folly. The sage wisely records the histories of these lost civilisations to be studied by sages yet to come, and ignored by kings, tyrants, and generals yet un-borne, and never will.
The sage understands the tao and its one-ness with all things. The sage understands the tao and its two-aspects against itself. (and these too are illusions of distinction). The sage (through much study and contemplation), realizes and knows that it is the tau, as the tau must be, and as the tau is.
The communist and the capitalist will agree on the division of the world -- for without light there can be no shadow. And without shadow there can be no "distinguishments". They both see in the sage (and hence in the mystery of the tao) danger. For greater danger than each perceives in each other, they fear knowledge. Thus, fear of self-knowledge and self-understanding, and ultimately fear of understanding their mirror image: Unites capitalist and communist to battle against the same sages in each of their dominions. But, it is their un-spoken fear of the tao, that they treuly battle against.
It is comforting for the extreme to know that its exact opposite exists. paris-2002-img-ALT-texts.html
The first image is a circle almost closed.  C1 and C2 are separated by a 'gap' in  the circle, but they can clearly see each other.  As this 'band' opens up, it slowly flattens out and stretches longer and longer so that C1 and C2 move further and further from each other and the line connecting them becomes thinner and thinner.  Until all that remains are two very small dots all alone in the universe, completely un-aware of their mirror image
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the second half of the above image
For each: The greatest fear is the vast emptiness of alone-ness.

Final song (for now):
Macro universe within, micro without: "Hold infinity in your hand and eternity in an hour" -- Blake But mainly: Read poetry! You'll be amazed at your mile-age! -- Paris, 2002. NOTE: Author's afterward. The fact that the "dots" mentioned above resemble decimal points is purely a convenient fiction.

Part 2: Excursions

Paris 2002

A Poet's Holiday

(or there and back again)

"Actually these business trips are ok, but having to work while away from home is patently absurd" -- quote attributed to T'rrr'rr'loch the Travelor The Paris branch of the company that i work for is located in the Far North-West outskirts of Paris (called "La Defense"). Charles de Gaulle airport is in the Far North-East outskirts of Paris). The taxi (for four) cost $100 Euro's -- but at least he found the hotel (down twisty, narrow streets). Other cabbies droped our other associates off near the metro (about a 1 km trek up and down over steep stairs (with luggage) they had to drag their stuff to the hotel -- and they were charged MORE. Our cabbie (a chap from India) was er, ah, an "independent cab driver" (ie, with no meter). View from cute little porch (floor 1 is actually the second story -- "0" is main level/lobby)
Mazarin bibliotech (i think)
Amid the stride of a certain iron giant, in the background you can see a giant bird bending down to feed her hungry construction workers. These birds (apparently native to Paris) are every where to be seen -- giving new breath to the phrase: "Paris a city that is continually growing and building".
Wearily, upon, a cold, rainy, dreary, early Saturday Morning (after a nourishing repast of Le Ouef McMuffin at a nearby eating establishry), a weary poet climbs the several hundred steps of the Le Grand Arche (the grand arch) to sit completely centered and gaze down into the "manhattan of Paris" -- La Defense. (pronounced La d'fawnss). Buildings of fantastically imaginative design: Spheres, Half Arc's, Ovals rise up out of the ground. The design is such that sitting there in the middle you can view in the far distance (5 or 10 km) the "Arch of Triump" (whose French name escapes your present chronicaler at this time).
The north-ward view from the Grand Arche. The giant constructing cranes (Mirabilis Constructoris, variant Civis-Pariesiens) can be seen clearly here.
Unfortunately, the icey cold winds bit bitterly at your present narator's thin, boney fingers and he had only a brief bit of energy on the way back to his hotel to sketch the following bit of train tracks; you can see how the rain has smeared my ink. Oh, well: c'est la vie (such is life).
(Later, fortified with a bit of Baggette, ham, and Racclette cheese (some where between Mazarella and Gouda in mild taste), I once more ventured out to La Defense and it began to wondrously snow, thus giving rise to the possibility that when all is said and done there might just be a god. And she is embodied in the spirit of this beautiful city.)


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