Paris 2002

[Literarture Index] [^^Time LINE] NOTE: This is a derivative page, main page is: -[Paris 2002 - A poet's Holday (poem)]- ALT text: (my rendering of a Hobbit Hole complete w/two sitting chairs. -- that's a good question, i don't know if it's " semi-detatched" or not ;) "Actually these business trips are ok, but having to work while away from home is patently absurd" -- quote attributed to T'rrr'rr'loch the Travelor -[Open img text (ALT) in separate window]- ALT text: As if traversing the inside of a scalloped onion, the white alabaster toroid looms over-head, curving to the left, up and up we go, until we reach the sign that says "Sortie" -- the way out

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"Art Lesson"

Gleeba: Why so glum, Meepo? Meepo: I can't remember: On the Mona Lisa, are her hands folded left over right, or right over left. Or can you see her hands at all? It's driving me nuts -- I musta seen that painting a billion times!!!! Gleeba: When you have perfection you can never see it exactly. Ever. Meepo: That really helps!

ALT text: On a round table, sits a triangular piece of racclette cheese (some-where between Mazarella and Gouda in mildness, a half-full bottle of Peach Juice in a square wine-bottle-like plastic bottle, and an apple core (with stem). Outside a ficticious window, a bit of Le Louvre can be seen. Triangular the modern pyramid Pei placed; some-how it works.

ALT text: The first image is a circle almost closed. C1 and C2 are separated by a 'gap' in the circle, but they can clearly see each other. As this 'band' opens up, it slowly flattens out and stretches longer and longer so that C1 and C2 move further and further from each other and the line connecting them becomes thinner and thinner. Until all that remains are two very small dots all alone in the universe, completely un-aware of their mirror image... ALT text: the second half of the above image. NOTE: Author's afterward. The fact that the "dots" mentioned above resemble decimal points is purely a convenient fiction.

Part 2: Excursions

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