Roland Barthes

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From "The Deram of of the Ruin" ??src?? BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE [P.206] the un-avowed undercurrrent off Benjamin's conceptio0n of the legiblity of historical time in (and as) an image of Freud's recognition of socieity's dream realty. From his earliest drafts -- following explicityloy a Bergsonaian rather than a Freudian locid -- Benjamin had articulated the sccinct thesis that "in order to understand the arcades from the ground up, we [must] sink them to the deepest stratum of the drea, we [must] speak of them as though they had struck us" [F*,34] The wonderful isometry of the first phrase -- to learn from the elementary level going up requires us subjecrge ourselves in the elemental -- is extended, in the later phrase, into the physiognomic space of the flâneur, [????] whereby objects come to exist only once they forecfully


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