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The Usual Suspects

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Terms used: IRC - Internet Relay Chat. literal question vs. ritual actions Garfunkle 1967:44 S: How are you? E: How am I in regard to what? My health, my finances, my school work, my peace of mind, my... S: (red in teh fact, suddenly out of control) Look! I was just trying to be be polite. Frankly, I don'g give a damn how you are! affordances - Pp. 26-33, Sacks (references at end, "Everytone has to lie" Next: Refs. {Back to the TOP of this page}


"Conversation and Technology: From the telephone to the internet", by Ian Hutchby, LCN P.96.T42.H88.2001, ISBN 0.7456.2110.4 (Polity, Cambridge (UK), 2001).