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Ritual: As story told on multiple levels

4. Ritual: The story performed. Ritual as a story "place" manifested. Place as the reference of ritual's story. Ritual as a story told in on multiple levels, and interactions: word, action, objects, movements, sounds, sights, smells, and atmosphere. Ritual's stories as a place to heal, communicate origins, and belong [to]. The Body of a story: the story we share, beg/middle/end. Biology in a place - an extrapolated metaphor. {Back to Story Lab "stuff"}

The Text

Doesn't this sort of mean that like multi-media things they are more than "just words on a page" ?? But, still it *is* ritual -- to be acted out the same way each time. Of course we then get the "observer" effect when Thomas became a *part* of the story -- who is that character hunched over holding a recorder/vid-cam? Thus, there are sev poss aspects of the ritual: a) The un-chaning aspect of it; this would be the "cannonised" version -- litergy *not* to be messed with. b) The historical/evolving view. This would be appended version which can grow by appending details to the end -- but, again can not change the "cannon". c) Annotation (which is what we as "librarians" do; or are we "just" scholars in the infinite library? d) The corrected/adjusted/edited version. This is what the Grimm brothers did. e) The "assembled" version. This is what happened to the old testament when the scholars began to "integrate" the various versions -- they did little more than append one version behind its alternate version; eg, Chronicles and Kings, the two versions of Creation.