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Story Lab

Ritual: The Story Performed

4. Ritual: The story performed. Ritual as a story "place" manifested. Place as the reference of ritual's story. Ritual as a story told in on multiple levels, and interactions: word, action, objects, movements, sounds, sights, smells, and atmosphere. Ritual's stories as a place to heal, communicate origins, and belong [to]. The Body of a story: the story we share, beg/middle/end. Biology in a place - an extrapolated metaphor. {Back to Story Lab "stuff"}

The Text


Dancers - as actors -- the BODY knowledge. The '50's NY "silence" -- no synthetic climate rotating circle (flat or not) -- into the vortex dance, dance, dance; inter-work of arm gestures with text "presenting" the text as if it were tangible (and in the same space) -- cartoon effect. dance: rhythmic, etc -- takes us to another place.


Beijing Opera - "playing the body" the story context is carried by the voice choose the correct voice locating sound in the body low pitches are more gutteral (stomach, etc) high are more chest area, highest pitches are *only* perceived (mainly) by the ears. Aboriginine's "sing their ancestor's into existence" "Amadallis" pop singer Gallis Demanda