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Vennie Ream Hoxie

It's no hoax, folks - she's the Real McCoy! An American Original. And you thought the only "proper" artists were men!!! - So, what i'd like to know is: Was Bobby Riggs *really a male chauvanist pig? Or was it all a hoax???? See also: Billie-Jean King - Tennis players; sports. -[wiki entry]- See also: [Sculptors] [Cubism]

Vennie Ream Hoxie

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(b.1847.09.25, Madison, Wis, Terra;d.1914.11.20, Washington DC) aka Vennie Ream-Hoxie. also note: "Annotation from negative, scratched into emulsion: Vinnie Rean Skulpeter" between 1860 and 1875 Forms part of Brady-Handy Photograph Collection (Library of Congress). (via above source) What language are they speaking??? It sound's barbaric! That's Amaricanese NOT the King's English ;) - frank. EncyAmericana sez At age 15 while studying with Clark Mills, she was commissioned to mae the statue of Abraham Lincoln that is the Rotunda of Capital (ie, Washington, DC). -- 1991 ed, Vol. 14, P. 515. Her works include: Admiral Farrugut Chief Sequoyah


Important Works

According to Howard Smagula, "... this piece further illustrates her concern with transforming ordinary -- sometimes ugly -- materials into works of art. Sheet rock is similar to plywood in that it possesses no picturesque qualities. It is common, in-expensive (mass produced to be eventually covered with paint and plaster [, or wall-paper]. Each side of the 3-foot cube has a small centrally placed, square opening; through the openings sheet rock is visible 20 layers deep. By alligning the aperture, it is possible to see through to the other sides; at the center of the cube is a small, empty white space. Winsor presents us with an interesing situation: An object of great opacity and mass is visually penetrable and has at its core an empty "seed" of light. It tantalizes us with an un-reachable pure space at the centre of its "being"; a space that physically keeps us out; a space that can only be reached in our minds." [p.158; "Currents: Contemporary directions in the Visual Arts", 2nd Ed, 1989, ISBN 0-13-195595-0]