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               {Tom Armstrong} (Director for: The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984)
               {H.H. Arnason: History of Modern Art}
               {Susan J. Cooke} (CHRONO for: The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984)
               {John G. Hanhardt} (Essay on INDY Cine, w/wrt: The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984)
               {Barbara Haskell} (The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984)
               {Leighten: Picasso - Re-Ordering the Universe}
               {Richardson & Stangos: Concepts of Modern Art} (essays; ed'by)

Art Textbooks


Helen Gardner Sir Lawrence Gowing, editor H. W. Janson Marilyn Stokstad

And "the rest"


List of References: {
H.H. Arnason: History of Modern Art} {Dempsey} {RL Herbert: Modern Artists On Art} {Leighton} {Ferrer & Pinchon} {Smaugula}

H.H. Arnason: History of Modern Art

Robert Motherwell. The Spanish Death. 1975. {

Barbara Haskell

(The "Blam!" Exhibit, NY, 1984) Haskell, Barbara (1984). Blam! the explosion of pop, minimalism, and performance, 1958-1964. LCCN NX 504.H36'1984, ISBN0.393.01935.7 Referenced in: {
Fluxus} Howard Smaugula, "Currents: Contemporary directions in the Visual Arts",2nd Ed, 1989, ISBN 0-13-195595-0] This is a "must read" for any modern artist. Howard takes us on a whirl-wind tour of art "snap-shot-ed" in 1989. His book confronts us with both the public and personal issues of art as it is created, as it is executed, as it seen. For any artist, this is a book that seriously discusses the "how-ness" and the "what-ness" of art. (We are *all* still looking for answers to the "why-ness" of art. And of cours the why-ness of the why itself. Enjoy! -- Pizo. 05.01.06 (hope-ing that there is a new edition as well! Well done, Mr. Smaugula!) Jean-Louis Ferrer & Yann Le Pinchon, "Art of the 20th Century: A year by year chronicle of painting, architecture, and sculpture", 1998, ISBN 248.27721.0. Printed in Italy. This (almost without a doubt) should be *the* bible for any modern artist. It is done up in the "newspaper" chronicle style, and is a joy to read -- if some-what tiresome to use as a reference book. Each article captures the "now-ness" each event. From the World's Faire on the Champ-de-Mars (1900) -- which "surely" the 37-year old Toulouse-Lautrec would have visited. To the final essays on "Such a Pretty Civilisation" & "Accident & Rebellion". I consider it to be the "first book" for the new century -- much in the same way as "The Dictionary of Art" is the first reference work for the new millenium. Viva la France! Viva Mr's. Ferrer & le Pinchon!!! (now where are my notes on Mark Tobey??? rummages around in coat pockets, and upon finding a un-opened, if slightly crushed granola bar, has a short snack, while thinking about "the intrusion of the geometric into the organic" and humming (v. off key) the Marsalaise to himself. Peace to all, Pizo). "Art in the Modern Era -- A Guide to Styles, Schools & Movements", by Amy Dempsey. ISBN 0.8109.4172.4 (London, 2002). Not since the Dictionary of Art and "Art Spoke"/"Art Speak" has there been such a wondrous book! In addition to the usual blurb (names, suspects, places, things, objects, nouns, verbs, and adjective here and there), Maestro Dempsey guides us to key collections and books. She has treuly given us a "dictionary" for the 21st century!"

RL Herbert: Modern Artists On Art

Herbert, Robert L. (19??). Artists On Modern Art -[
Text Scans]-

Re-Ordering the Universe

Patricia Leighten, "Re-Ordering the Universe: Picasso and Anarchism, 1897-1914", Pp.14-15, ISBN 0.691.04059.1 (1989, Princeton).

Richardson & Stangos: Concepts of Modern Art

(essays; ed'by)
Richardson, Tony and Stangos, Nikos (1974). Concepts of Modern Art - essays.
New York: Icon Editions (Harper and Row). ISBN 06.430041-2 ?? / 06.438445.4 (hbd) [
Ab-ex - Frankenhaler's influence on...] Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland, etc.