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chordata: Sub-phylum Chondircthyes

(sharks, rays, chimmaeras) See also: Sub-phylum: [Urochordata] (tunicates) [Cephalochordata] (lancelets) [Craniata] (craniates - head-boned; slightly) Class: [Myxini] (hag fishes) Vertibrates Class: [Cephlaspidomorphi] (lampreys) [Chondrichthyes] (sharkes, rays, chimeras) [Actinopterygii] (ray-finned fishes) [actinistia] (coelacanths) [Dipnoi] (lung fishes) [Amphibia] (fogs, geckos, salimandersw) [Reptilia] (tuatara, lizards, snakes, turtles, corcodilians, -[BIRDS aves]-) [Mammalia] (cats, dogs, man, rhinos, elephants, platypuses, emus) See also: [Art History (index)] [TIME LINE] (brought to you by Acme Time Conveyor Products)

chordata: Sub-phylum Chondrichthyes

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