I'm a Biker

Poet's note: Best if read while listening to Frank Zappa. September 11th: The torture must stop.

I'm a Biker

The open road lies beneath my feet, I eat the gravel with my face -- I'm a Biker.

Liberty's Bell and Golden Gate I own them both -- I'm a Biker.

From Sea to Shine-ing Sea, The Oceans' me mates -- I'm a Biker.

Crossed the Line many a time, The Fuzz and Me split the road -- I'm a Biker.

Land's scarce, Roads a plenty, Turtle up I spin on out -- I'm a Biker.

Sunrise, Sunset, Noon and night -- I'm a Biker.

Peace and love to all, Richard The Hippy, -- Autumn, 2001, Dallas, Texas, Terra. Back to the POETRY page To the MUSE's poetry page Back to the MAC page Return to the HOME page

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