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Mark Twain

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Mark Twain

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The Mysterious Stranger

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Overtly the "The Mysterious Stranger" is about three kids in the middle ages who happen to come upon Satan (No! Not him!; his grandsohn). In this work, Twain bring to full power his B/G in literature, history, and of course having actually traveled the world and behind this might be his most damning damnation of The Human Race - he noted that the work shouldn't be published until the year 4034 (or something like that). Regardless, we approach this (as we do all things art) 1. Go in, dip into it. And let it wrangel yuhr brian a bit! The old gray-matter willn't be homing for a plug soone! 2. etc.

The Mysterious Stranger - Plot OutLine


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De Voto, Bernard (1968). The Portable Mark Twain. Penguin Books, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Terra. LCCN PS'1302.D4, ISBN X (pbk.).