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    The best thing about a live
    performance is the sense of
    "presence".  There is defint-ate-ly
    a syn-ener-g-y between the live actors
    (upon "the stage") and the audience  
    (embroiled in "the other stage").

    During a performance of "The Mise-er"
    (by Moll-i-er) the light where the
    miser hid his money fell down.

    He (the actor) quickly quipped, "These houses,
    they don't build them like
    they used to."

    there was (without question,
               without fear of contra-diction,

    THERE WAS LAUGHTER & then there was a-plause.
    (I don't think that there was any apple-saw's
     nor apple sauce (even dis-pensed out in quiet,
     pale-green bowls.


    That is what theatre is.

    That is what theater is.

    It is: Where the oil in your car is changed.
    It is where there's this silence.

       Riccardo Mutti knows this.

       Zeubin knows it to.

       And whazier fuck knows it too.

       (wish I coulda gotten over to Denver to hear her
        conduct it.  but.




Theatre of the Absurd

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