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The oddest thing (textually speaking ;) about the use of Italics for "foreign language" phrases is that (when you think about it (even with a Babel fish stuck in your ear), after all), isn't English a foreign language? So, shouldn't *everything* be in italics? Well, maybe not maths equations -- after all, maths is hardly a language, although to most humans (see map) it is foreign.

Quotes marks, etc

The most common use of quotes marks is to denote conversation, for example: Incoherently he said, "Dias eh? Y'lt nere Hocni!" (which is a
palendrome). Further for short quotes, one uses quotation marks; eg, "In January, 1949, Tristano recorded with Metronome All Stars for Victor. One of the tunes, Victory Ball is his, based on the chords of S'wonderful. Charlie Parker plays the devil out of Tristanon's line, and both men's solos show that despite the differences in their music, their styles were compatible." [Ira Gitler, "the masters of bebop - a listener's guide", 2001 edition, P. 236] Note the use of italics in the titles of the various musical pieces referenced. A problem that occurs is when a quotation contains conversation, one "attempt" to deal with the problem involves using the appostroflea instead of the quotes mark, but as Marvin might well say, "It can only end in disaster". [h2g2 reference] The alternative is the BLOCK QUOTE. Traditionally this has been used by indenting and cutting the line-length down. Often, a different type face, or at least a smaller font was used. Of course if one is hard of seeing (;), this presents a problem. The tradtional view is given by the following (not the introductory line). Ira Gitler continues: Tristano says of Bird, "The finest person I knew, extremely hip. I met him for the first time at the Three Duces in 1947. The bandstand was all mixed up. He came up and helped me off the stand. We always talked music together when we'd meet." [Op. Cit, P.236] For a larger example of BLOCK QUOTATIONS (in newSpeak) refer to: [Harvey Pekar [Is that Jazz? The 'J' texts]