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Story-LAB -- Web Ideas

On this page: {Wish List] (spewed out ideas) {Group Brain-Storming Sessions} {Technologies} {Experiences (so far)} (note this section also introduces a lot of terminology as well, might want to start here) Next: Wish List.

Wish List

First-off there should be the maximum freedom and yet the maximum safety -- this is from the pov of artistic creativity. Sev views present themselves: single-person projects, multiple person projects, critiques, spin-offs, commentaries, etc. Add to this the ability to create web-site-lets (mini-web worlds attached to the main web-space). In addition, there should be pubs and cafès as well were people can gather. In addition, lecture rooms, galleries, performance spaces, theatre, music, dance halls, etc. Under-lieing this would be the wiki concept of total involvement possiblities. That is, anyone can make *any* modifications at any time. Thus, for a team to be working on a project (which might be kept: *private* - by invitation only, team-only, etc. NOT visible note as an option, the team librarian/publicist could post "abstracts", "trailers", "teasers", etc. *rfc* -- request for comment. Published, but may not be copied, comments can be added, etc. *published* - a snap-shot is taken and presented for viewing/commentary, can be copied (to a new area, thus spawning spin-offs, extracts, etc. *released* -- versioned, released, copy-righted, or what-ever that means. Possibly as "final edition". An important aspect of these communities is the AHEM action. If a person publishes an idea as their own and "forgets" to reference the original work, they can be subjected to "ahemming" (minor flaming). If the person continues to do this, they can be *warned* eventually, they may be even *bannished*; this usually only needs to be done to trolls and bullahs.

The Tools Bin

In addition to the stuff (text/sound/vid/games/etc), there would be a up-/down-load area for TOOLS. Of course, it would be nice if most of these were OPEN SOURCE; if not, then the pay-as-you-use, etc thingies have to be addressed (by others, natch i haven't the time for materialistic money grubbers). I'll be back later, have to go work on a public-domain (OPEN SOURCE) text processor in ansi c, later froods. -- Frank. 2005.09.02-05:05pm CaDST. Script libraries

Brain-storming Sessions

Jim Innocent: Inviting participation; on-line pipe-line story. on-line forum (round-robin story building/modification) generative story generator David virtual game -- the room with the red table you can decorate the space -- other elemetns can be connected with the story. conversation experience -- eg, dinner with andre Jerry shiner bock, double strength blog -- Miguel -- image, visuals, music hyper-text links to music, etc. non-linear manner -- cross linked. LOOK UP: Hyper media Nathan -- sequential art (comics), movies, oral, upload different stories and stuff. comment and create a dialog that why. arron Living stories. node (starts off) wiki anyone can modify/clone/extend authorship but not ownership sandbox (trial area) Lee -- footprints? dancing (videos, or dance steps) written story, video of a person telling the story (perf) stickmen -- and the web site IS the story -- Mary-ellen - the story site is evolving expression: non-linear, fragment a conglomerate of stories being generated. composed of the pieces of the many. Skim the site (swimming pool cleaner) delivery of the story is then choice of authoring thomas: vocabulary -- we've only re-arranged things the web site becomes a sentient being. attractors -- and the story will keep evolving. --300-- Next: Technologies. {
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This section discusses current and future technologies from the POV of what we might/can/would want/need/see from the web. Next: Experiences (so far). {
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Experiences (so far)

Anyway, just a few quick notes about "life on-line". At this point (2005.09.02), I have been *actively* involved on-line with the HitchHiker's Guide to The Galaxy fan-site (, now defunct, moved (more-or-less) to These are a few of my experiences (albeit, i would be the first (or certainly among the first ten) to admit that my experiences are not very extensive. e-friends --The concept of e-friends develops quite naturally as you meet various people. For the most part, people are pretty much as they are "in real life" (IRL). Of course, i think that each of us spins a bit of a yarn about ourselves (disclosing less than we might in TRW (the real world). Naturally, though, as each person finds out more about each other, bonds develop that in some ways are stronger than those of people around us. After all, we tend to talk about much more personal problems and such to these "perfect strangers" than we do to people that we work with. Thus, if for example "Eric the Red" was in town and needed a place to stay, i would have no problem with putting him up for as long as he needed. That's how strong the e-friend bond is. Of course, this depends upon the level of integrity of the group; ie, classic "clique" concept. e-trolls -- Trolls (or various names, my fav being bullah beasts) are people who get off (power trip) on playing mind games, swearing at, or otherwise abusing, dissing, etc people on line. Usually the rest of the community will come to the defence of any of the "usual gang" when they are attacked by a bullah beastie. This probably excites the troll even more, since they thrive on attention, best if they can you or someone else to swear back at them -- ie, winning by getting you to play on *their* terms. Some of them get pretty nasty. The best thing is to just totally ignore them. lurkers -- People who monitor the site either by not logging in with a user-name, or log on using fairly bogus identification info. There are lurkers good and bad, often trolls (bullahs) will lurk and then log on when they feel they can do some damage. web-masters -- The web master is ostensibly the person (or persons) who put the site "up" in the first place. Again, the integrity of the web-master must be of the highest order to build an on-line community where the participants feel comfortable. In addition, the web-master can assign certain people to help monitor activity as well. These are again e-friends of the web-master and known "good guys". 2005.0922 Nathan story seed flip chart thingie (fliping them around gives us a totally diff look and feel you see a screen, and then *dhoose* something, and then when you flip back to the other side, some things may (prob) be changed. Click anywhere in the GRID to continue the story... [Click HERE to end the story] Nathan roots - main nav for the site links to other people the branches are the produced stories a forest of trees each set is a "group" Lee Earth, layers (strata) First layer of lines that look like ther earth, as the story is modified, a new layer is created colors (this could bring in the idea of "aging" colours as well -- fade to black, and of course the ability to re-stimulate a line or segment thingie. The story would create the lines, (pos based on the content, words like "suicide" "death" "firing squad" would bring up a certain colours and strength of lines or shapes (eg, red blobs with harsh black zig-zag lines. Also the ability to create pictures/paintings/sounds/etc that are *inspired* by the story. Sounds libraries (eg, sounds of nature, rocks crashing, etc, hurican, etc, massive change mechanisms And the story could be an un-enfolding of complexity that might (eg) end up with a picture of Lee's grandfather. Scott what responsibility do we have as authors to the readeer. More than writing. A prompted "read" the words are projected onto the screen (spelled out like the old cursor CRT's), AI: Maybe even have it make misteaks and then back up and correct the letters. "beating" content? content? You have different rooms (env's) the slow-reader room, the floating words room, Tool kit for the line creation s/w Frank 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H 9 I Mary Ellen's the "dots" could go to different web sites Thomas -- giving up the control, that we thus have more options and opens up our creativeness. You can't get back, can't return to a given point Your image slsls was viewed by a user today. Make mystery -- we're are losing mystery. We no longer have control. Miguel i/a zooming in of an image, each part of the body represented some part of nature or even using alchemy as a structure Kyle links to story web links digital post cards of their confessions -- images matched with text (sound?) scripts that take google image and randomly based on meta data to form a grid FL: could do this with text or subject matter two versions of a chapter: one that is updated by the orig author, and the other where some one has mod'd the file giving their spin on the text. and they could add an audio or imgs etc graphics can be essentially infinite -- bouundless pages <------ 80,000 characters wide ---> +------------------------------------+ 6 | | 0 | | 0 | x | <-- you start here! LINES | | TAll +------------------------------------+ Lee: to dig down deep into the web area should have Kyle: Shuffle (samplers) Jim scenarios -- deciding the various characters are created. the story workiing its way through the bubbles that we choose to go thru Next: zzz. {Back to the TOP of this page}


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