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An infinitive is a verb form that means "to" something. Not to as "towards" or "to your health", but rather in: "to work" (as Voltaire's character Candide might say or "to scream" (as Edvard Munch's "The Scream" might have had to say, when it was being stolen. (Oh, not again; ref: [42: Petunias; decry-ing] So, far I haven't had the chance to perforce split an infinitive. And, I would only to completely willing to quickly illustrate this accomplised act. However, far be it for me to ever refrain from actions which could lead to something. ["to something" is a prepositional phrase and NOT an infinitive. Now, in keeping with Jackson Pollock's assessment, that in the post-atomic-bomb era, the techniques available to "classical" artists are simply in-sufficient to the needs [prep phrase, again] of the artist.