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-[About-me]- Other art links, etc: email: - share and enjoy, Frank. -[UTD, Fall 2007 Show]- "IconoPlexity is where you find it" (still in progress about 8/32's complete)... -[Wanna buy a fractal?]- (temp fun stuff for winter...) -[Winter residency]- NEW "Overt / Advert" or: "from no where to obscurity" -[Start of a docuemntation of sorts on this]- -["Poetry for the Dead"]- (a new theatre of the absurd piece - surreal, dark script) -- just in time for the holidays!!!! (period of highest suicide rate) And now for something completely new: -[Disasters of War]- ... and "the rest" .... NOTE: Until i can scrape enough money together to unify all of these in they remain scattered. The only *guaranteed* updated versions of the A/H (art/history) and literature directories are on -[]- I continue to maintain a complete set of links to all of my web sites, spaces, etc there. We applogise for the inconvenience. -[(Infinitists Art Group)]- (Infinitists Art Group) -[my home pages]- art3/fleeding -[my gaming/tech pages]- art3/pkda2001 - (tips hat to Asimov & Cambell & ov course HONDA! week of hihtses!!!).. -[the zix-42 Iconosphre pages/system]- Remember: DON'T PANIC (in nice friendly letters)