Art Squeek

(Survival Guide for Minimalists in a Material World)

(zix-42 Branch)

Meez 3D avatar avatars games -[More ego stuff about Frank]- The image taken is the Some middle class twit shadow of the taker of having tea. the image cast into of. Pretty much a crazy artist (mostly drawing, painting, and of course print making - 2D rules the waves). Degrees: BSCS, Univ North Texas MA, Univ Texas at Dallas ATEC (Art & Technology) (but mostly 37 celcius ;) Areas of interest: All things Sci Fi, Botanic and of course MythBusters, SCI and PBS Ancient and Modern Art History Scripting/Programming C/Java and of course Basic (still the best) Performance art, street and interventionist art, etc. Fav artists: Picasso (as well as Leonardo & Lodiviccio, natch) Sonia Terk-Delanauy (as well as Eva Hesse, Linda Benlis, Chuck Close,.... Rothko, Pollock & Krasner, Arshile Gorky Cartoonists: Robert Crumb (and Aline K. natch), Nina Paley, Keith Knight, Ted Raul, Alison Bechdel, and of course Griffy and Zippy! Joan Miro Saul Steinberg Paul Klee Winston Smith (ok, tech'ly he's a collagist - so sue me!) Quotes: When any idea is banned; then no one is safe. The internet is amazing: You surf along at 2_000 mega-plixels per hour - but to where??? "When man plans; the gods are amused." Favorite numbers (other than pi and 1729) 3, 17/19 and of course e, gamma, & sqrt(2) Authors: Twain & Einstein Dorthy Parker & Saki (HH Munroe) Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, Rod Serling and of course: Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes with just a tad of Victor Buenno (best known as "King Tut" in the Batman TV "boff!" series) Music: Anything of strength: From Pop to Bach, From Techno to Jazz From Rap to C/W It's all good. From Black Star to Victor Borge to Zappa - and beyond! Favorite time: Tusedae after the fourth Thursday that week. (if i would admit time exists at all!) email: (ask for frank) NOTE: No animals (especially ducks), fractals or iconospheres were injured in the making of this work. --42--