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Frank is...

Just this fictional character (after all "i" sign all of my paintings "Jim"; my print-making 101 teacher saw these two tall guys in the class and both wear glasses and the teacher almost never wore his glasses, so he'd say, "Jim could you help me with the acid?". (not it's not *that* kind of acid - Nitric used for etching the plates. You see, when you want to use really vibrant colours, you HAVE to use a Zinc plate instead of copper. that's because... Jim the printmaker/artist/librarial-assistent:
(taken late at night during finals week)
And then there's "Frank R.H. Leeding" (the actor) the so-called "head shot" (ie, a press photo that your agent hands out - if you're making enough to *afford* an agent)... Me as "Poppi" (the father) Lee-Ann Harrington as my wife, "Marta" w/Sarah Bowman in B/G as "Cleopatra" (sitting in her Kitchen obsesessing) (the set from the "dream sequence") (she was pretty scare-y in the show) She's actually one of the most balanced people that i know - v. cool lady and real privlidge to work with "There's Never a Reference Point", Directed by Thomas Riccio Written by Jamie Dekas and Thomas Riccio UTD Theatre and "Southside at Lamar" (Dallas Urban Arts League) START AGAIN Frank is a recent graduate from the UT Dallas "ATEC" (Arts & Technology) program.

And this just in...


Well, as one of the directors said, "Can *anyone* do something with Frank's Hair???" Richard Henry Lee Trayham, aka " The poet 't' " "THE" Richard T. Jim 2, "that sound guy" - Frank, email: fleeding AT hotmail.com



flikr photos via Dean Terry]- Terry is the "new media" guru at UTD - head of the on-line project, the "islands" project, etc. http://flickr.com/groups/utd/pool/show/with/107819232/ THE UTD GROUP, Ltd. (oh, what i could do with that vid, a bit of music, and some 2d maquettes!!!!) (well; at least, on a tuesday) -[More head/bts shots]- (for those yot net satiated!!!)