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w/slight beard, eyes to the left; but a TIE AND COAT? - don't worry, as long as the MOON ISNT' FULL!!
I've always wanted to play Philip K. Dick; that's why i wrote him
into my (apparently only) sf novel. 

Some derranged madman who has come through time (the past?
the future?) to warn us of something....
One of the most power-full characters in *any* work
is that of "THE Mysterious Stranger". In this case,
the character is a slightly derranged mad-man who
has made the journey through time. I call my particular
rendering "Abe Oncid" (ohn-sid) and this parallells 
the transformation of *any* us during a crisis.

When the "Great Quake" of 1905 ??year?? hit San Francisco,
it was quite a jolt and one person began to think that he
was *actually* the king of San Francisco (or possibly the
United States) and he went around in dress uniform and 
opened bridges, made speeches, etc. In a very odd way this
struck the resies of SF and the entire town began to treat
this person as if he *were* the king. When he died, he was
given a state funeral befitting a King. To explain this (not
to excuse it - N.B.) the phrase after the quake went around
that "I;d rather be a brick in the rubble in SF than to live
anywhere else" - or words to that effect. 

  -[More mind-bening shots and stuff about THE mis-placed decimal: Frank]-