BEK: Intro

BEK - stands for Borges Explorations and Knowledge. (Borges is pronounced: Bohr hays - as Jorge Luis)... I'm hoping that it will be a new and interesting way to understand things and general to learn stuff. Two things to remember: 1) -[DON'T PANIC!!!!]- 2) And if you get bored or tired: Take a break! But, do be careful: If you apply the brakes to quickly the ideas are bound to skid. It's called "-[Borges]-" to honor an Argentinian poet, writer and Librarian. He was sort of like -[Rod Serling]- (who created the SciFi TV show "The Twilight Zone") or -[Ursula K. LeGuinn]- (who writes poetry and SciFi and fantasy novels). When you see something like: -[]- this is a link to a new page. If it's used without the '-' marks: [something]) it means that the page won't open in a separate window. The reason that i chose Science Fiction writers, is that they thinkk about the future. Of of course there a lot of people that do that. In fact some philosophers are called "futurists" simply because (in addition working on past ideas and philosophies they think about the possible futures of the Earth and all of its inhabitant. One such chap is/was Arthur C. Clarke]- who wrote only SciFi novels and stories - but wrote a lot of non-fiction about space travel, the earth and scuba diving. He's the one that first thought of the idea of having communication satellites orbiting the earth. And he and the director Stanley Kubric wrote and worked on the SciFi film: "2001: A Space Odyssey". Anyway, that's the plan: Just bunch of stuff strung together that hopefully will teach you something - but more importantly make you THINK. Everyone can go a lot further in the various areas of knowledge than they think. Mainly schools tend to test and test us and decide what we can do - but, i tend to think that there's aren't half the barriers that we think there are - just sometimes have to change our POV (Point of View). If you have any questions or corrections (i stand behind my phonetic spelling nervously ) please feel free to email, -- Frank fleeding AT -[Site Map]- (of sorts) -[Back to the BEK main page]