Max Weber (b. 1881, Bialystok, Russia; d. 1961, ???)

Emigrated to U.S. in 1891 (10yo). Studied at Brooklyn and Pratt
with Arthur Wesley Dow, . He first
studied in Paris in 1905-1909 (23yo), studying at the Acadamie Julian 
under J-P Laurens and briefly with Matisse. He was deeply
influenced by fauvism and primitivism. Early influences included
Paul Cezanne (the gentle ghost that will always guide us)  and
Henri Rousseau. 

He made an extensive study of Native American art. He exhibited 
at the 291 Stieglitz in 1909 and 1911. After 
being attacked by the critics, Roger Fry arranged
for him to exhibit with the Grafton group in 1913.

Weber became director of the Society of Independent Artists