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The "291" Gallery

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The 291 Gallery

The 291 Gallery (b. , ??where??; d. , ??where??) BEGIN EXTRANEOUS NON-EXISTENT EXTRACT As i recall: Having no other place to have it, the "291" gallery was a "bit of space in an attic" on 291 Fifth Avenue (or not). Anyway, it was quite enticing to find such a garrot filled - apparently hap-hazardly with such treasures. Here a van Gogh, there a Cezane, and of course the PICTURES - that is photo-graphs. Oddly enough they were hung right along side other works of "traditional" art. What struck me most was this quite un-assumin air of: Of course photography is "just another kind of sketch tool". It was at this time that i became interested in photography and went the very same day (in that brief kind of bravado that i get every now and then) to the local RxAll and purchased a Brownie camera. It wasn't for about 2 days that i finally got something other than fogged film out of the blamed thing. END (or not) EXTRANEOUS NON-EXISTENT EXTRACT