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Naive Art

This is art that is produced by artists who have never had any formal training. The most common names that come to mind are Henri Rousseau (painter), Grandma Moses (painter), and Simon Rodia (sculptor). Art clots often go on and on about the work of these "dablers", however for the most part the work is mediocre. With the exception (see the usual suspects, below) of a few artists who are intent upon the work, it is usually disdained by critics. Naive art stems from the longing of the individual to transcend ordinary life. It can serve as therapy (and can't we *all* use a little theraby now and then ;). The primary aspect of naive art is the artist's drive and enthusiasm; much naive art is driven to make social commentary that their lot in life might otherwise restrict them from making -- thus ostracizing them further. For the most part, naive art is *not* developed by bourgeous members of socieity, but rather by individualists who strive to "make a statement". Reactionay and conservative individuals who usually come from a well-to-do background take endless courses in art, producing totally un-inspiring work, and are often antithetical to the naive artist who displays originality, genuine passion, and a sense of humor that they, the petit bourgeous lack in great abbundence.

The Usual Suspects

Winston Churchill () (water colourist) Grandma Moses () (painter) Simon Rodia () (assemblage sculptor) Henri Rouseauu () (painter)