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Mythology: The Power of Presence

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(Greek Mythology)


tenderly bending over her a faun
(the mythological half-human/half-goat
usually playing a flute/lyre) and the
faithful hound almost weepingly sits at
her feet (presumed subject: "The Death of Procris")
-[Piero di Cosimo]- "Mythological Scene" ca.1510) Procris - Wife of Cephalus Ref: Graves, Robert (1996). "The Greek Myths" (2 vols; London Folio edition). [P. 279-281] which i have paraphrased/quoted here (rather un-poetcially) Cephalus was married to Procris "with whom he had exchanged vows of perpetual faithfulness. However, Eos (godess of the dawn) fell in love with him and rebuked him saying that Procris would toss him aside for a bit of gold. When he protested, she metamorphosed him into the likeness of Pteleon and bade him try to seduce his wife with a golden crown. Easily seduced, he felt no compunction about lying with eos, of whom she [Procris] was painfully jealos. Eos bore Cephalus a son named PhaEthon; but Aphrodited stole him while still a child, to be the night-watchman of her most sacred shrines. [P. 280] [With all of the gossip, Procris left and went to Crete, ] where Minos found her no more difficult to seduce than the supposed Pteleon. He bribed her with a hound, named Laelpas, that never failed to catch his quarry, and a dart that never missed its mark - both of which had been given to him by Artemis [goddess of the hunt]. Procris, being an ardent huntress, gladly accepted these. [much lurid detail omitted here]. She hurried off to Athens and disgusing herself as a handsome boy, Pterelas she joined a hunting party and offered to buy the dart and hound for a huge sum of silver. But, Procris refused to part with either, except for love, and when he agreed to take her to his bed, tearfully revealed herself as her wofe. Thus, they were reconciled at last, and Cephalus enjoyed great sport with the dog and the dart. But Artemis was vexed that her valuable gifts should thus be bandied about from hand to hand by these mercenary adulterers and ploted revenge. She put it into Procris' head to suspect that Cephalus was still visiting eos when he rose two hours after midnight and went off to hunt. One night Procris, wearing a dark tunic, crept out after him in the half light. Presently he heard a rustle in a thicket behind him, Laelpas growled and stiffened, Cephalus let fly the un-erring dart and transfixed Procris. In due course, the Areiopagus sentenced him to perpetucal banishment for murder. -[Johann Michael Rottmayr]- "Cephalus and Procris" (downloaded on 2008.03.16 at 00:25 pct) Carlos Parada's web site. Note the arrow. END BLOCK QUOTE ==========================================


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