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Chinese Art

[General] (6000bce - 1279ce) [Neo-Lithic] (8000 years ago) [Bronze Age] Xia/Shang/Zhou (?-1700-1100bce) You are here --> [Han] (200bce-220ce) (easy #'s) [The 6 dynasties (220-579) [Sui/Tang] (589/617-907) [Song] (960-1279) Qin: 221bce-206bce (15 years) Han: 206bce-220ce NOTE: Gardner (1926; rev'd edition 1936) Originally gave: Ts'in 225-206 bc, refering to H.A. Giles. On p. 668 we have: "While these two idea [Confucianism & Taoism] were taking root, among the Chinese people, the Ts'in, a Tatar people who were living on the boundaries and serving the Chou (Zhou (Bronze age)) as horseherds and charioteers, finally became the dominating power and the king of the Ts'in became the first emperor of China (246 b.c). The situation is analogous to the Tatar slaves of the Muhammadans, who eventually became the Mamerluke rulers of Egypt. ..." Stockstad (2002, P.407) sez: "Toward the middle of the 3rd century bce, the state of Qin launced military campaigns that led to its triumph over the other states by 221 bce. For the first time in its history, China was united under a single ruler. This first emperor was Qin, Shihuangdi, a man of exceptional ability, power and ruthlessness. Throughout his life, he sought ways to attain immortality. Even before uniting China, he bagan his own mausaoleum at Lintong, in Shaanxi province. ... Qin rule was harsh and represive. Laws were based on a totalitarian philosophy called legalism, and all other philosophies were banned, their scholars executed, and their books burned." Blahdiy, blaydy, blahh. (standardised the language, coinage, established beauracracy of govt, lined roads, built the great wall (to keep out those pesky Mongols -- mainly their horses couldn't climb walls doan 'tchuh Knowh?). So, hmm. Let's see, me thinks i wulda been one of dem scholars... Taoism: A mystical belief that *everything* in the universe is inter-related, as i recall Tao #42 (!) goes like this: The tao gave birth to the one, the one gave birth to the two, and the two gave birth to the three, and the three gave birty to all the myriad things. Confucianism: The reductionist belief that there is order in the universe, and that rationally, all things in the universe conform to this order; hence, the "widest" interpretation, physics, maths, and even antidiology (the study of ducks ;).... Yep, me thinks that this Qin guy and i would have "history" - mine to be dead and have my works burned, him to, well, moving along to...

The HAN Dynasty

The Usual Suspects