The Banquet Years

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The Banquet Years

(i found myself floating up higher and higher, and i thought to myself that i should be afraid; for indeed, i have always been affraid of heights. But, somehow, there came to me a certain calmness that i have never known. After frolicking among the clouds, it came to me to find out who this mysterious writer that had so captured -- indeed liberated my imagination was. In a flash, i found myself plummeting towards the land again; tracing a a gentle parabola towards the library. In this astral form, i flashed thru the wall of the library and slowly glided along the centrl study area, where the tables are arranged in great long rows with a central lane between them for the librarians to push their carts along to reshelf the books. Along the edges bordering the tables, electrical cords stretched from several tables to the electrical outlets at the sides of the central study area -- plugged in, the computer notebooks of students bent over books and the electronic marvel of the laptop. As i slowed, a priest who happened to be in library seemed to perceive my passage -- perhaps to him, i appeared the white, cloud-like elongated ovid that i perceived myself to be. He crossed himself; possibly, not know whether i was angel or demon. Indeed i do not consider myself to be either, when at last i reached the secton of bookshelves, the knowledge literally flew out of books and into mine mind. All lay clear before me as if on flash cards that children use to learn their number facts. Each topic (no matter how complex its nature) reveled itself into mine mind in the utmost simplicity and became into mine mind as though i had learned it at my grandmother's need in childhood. The facts raced in each garnering for itself a place in mine mind, the words and images, facts and ideas, onslaught they came: "when his faith suddenly deserts him, the priest struggles, secretly hoping to cope, he crosses paths with associates on the complex margins of the church facing modern politics in the early 20th century. Bereft of hope, the priest plunges into the dark abyss of the world's inhabitants, all the while only Father Chevance struggles to save him from his doubt... handing over the weighless bhndle of rags, from which a childish moan emerged, to an officer amid laughter in the police station, he flet a terrible and un-dreamt joy.... -- P.193, "The Imposter", - Georges Bernanos. Eugenio Montale, "Cuttle Fish Bones" (publication)

The Usual Suspects

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