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Oddly enough suprematism is just the sort of thing that the nazi supremacists up with which would not put. (actually, I have found that most "supremacists" (kkk, zionists, D.A.R., moral majorities, bigots in gerneral, etc) to be pretty much of one mind concerning such "art" -- "If I can't understand it, then it isn't art"). (They usually omit the "then", since they are hardly able to formulate a premise, let alone follow a train of logic; their train still loading tons of bigotry, memorised slogans of a derrogatry nature, etc. For me, (and hoopy froodz everywhere and everywhen, the train is not so much a train of thought, but the texture of a "certain" duck's feathers, or a small glass of orange juice). Refer to: [Hermeticsm] Meanwhile, back at the white and black squares....

The Usual Suspects

Naum Gabo () Kasimir Malevich () (the father of suprematism) Antoine Pevsner () Alexander Rodchenko () Vladimir Tatlin () See also: [Performance Art] Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) (Postal Clerk for the REIGHT!)