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Actually, as Marcel Duchamp pointed out: Everything (including painting) is assemblage. But, basically, its when we *place* stuff on a surface or into a space. Technically, into a space implies: [
Installation]. Collage is of course assemblage where the components are essentiall (or not) permanently put into place. We glue/tape/sew them onto a substrate (the "matrix") which can be paper, card stock, canvas, etc. Assemblage can (and we usually imply that it is) is temporary. Two the most notable "assemlagists" are Christo and Jean-Claude - best known for wrapping "Pont Neuf", "The Riechstatd", as well as the umbrellas in Japan and California, and wrapping the delicate bio system of small islands off of the coast of Florida. In their case, *all* of their assemblages are BY DETERMINATION of the artists - ALWAYS temporary. In one sense, the "snooze and you loose" is underscored as part of the temporary-i-ness of the work. We are used to permanent art structures, like the Taj Mahal, the Mono Lisa, etc. So, in the "space age" (the age of "15 minutes of fame", etc), their works underscore the temporariness (ephimerality ??sp??) of many art works. To a certain extent, such temporary assemblages mirror the temporailiness of stage plays as opposed to films, etc.

Assemblage as Painting

Ross Hailey's 'how organic should you go?'
Ross assembles 'a woman' - a celleray hand (arm is the
stalk) tosses grapes and strawberries into her mouth.
Her tongue outstretched (a roma tomatoe?) catches a
red grape. Her eye, a blueberry, a carved peach her
nose, and a 'new' potatoE her rosy cheek, a halved 
apple with seeds as the ear cannal: her ear. And of
course, you just have to LOVE that vibrant green
romain? lettuce hair! Src: Fort Worth Star Telegram, 2007-06-10, P. G1, story "How Organic Should You Go?" by Liz Stevens, art work by Ross Hailey.


http://feltbug.blogspot.com/2007/05/relation-of-birds-to-fruit-growing.html also: google "feltbug" "bug feast" (lady bug eating bugs that are trying to eat a plant) http://feltbug.blogspot.com/