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Art Technique

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Art Technique

First a jump table, and then a brief essay... THE BIG THREE (traditional use of materials/techniques) Drawing Painting Sculpture AND "the rest" Collage (Picsso, & Braque; DaDa is NOT dead!) Film (art concepts of) -[^^Film DIRECTORY]- Foundary Skills (blacksmithy/forging/etc) Lapis Lazuli Action Painting Paper Sculpture Performance Art Plastic Working Printmaking Spray Painting Street Art Water Colour (including washes) Welding Wood Working (and carpentry) And now for something completely different...

Art and its motivating techniques

"Isn't it amazing what you can do when you're angry?" Betsy Belshay When we first realise that the things that *we* value are NOT what the world (in general) values, is a sad day indeed. And can quite possibly motivate us in several of many ways, or not. When (if) we can dig deep and find that one single factor: a memory? a thought? ....? If we dwell upon ourselves and only that, then there is certainly not the reason of being an artist. Probably, i would say its when we step outside of ourselves; ie, taking the internal (interior) and than translating it into the external (exterioristic). And then re-reflecting that back into what we feel. That moment of alienation, that leads to the realisation of the universal. That it is not Socrates that is on trial, not even ourselves, or someone that we love/need/like/etc, but those that have done nothing to deserve that treatment. When the horse is mired in the swamp and slowly sinks to its doom, and its death becomes a beacon of light that darkly reflects what we must surely seek - that out of that darkness, comes the shadow of the object yet perceived and only slightly projected by the thought of the lost thing *still* slightly out of our reach. And it is THAT that gives us the will to go on. that. or a "certain" duck. -42-