Art Theory: Analysis

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Analysis: Stuff

So, what do we hope or actually accomplish by *studying* art theory and such? One thing that occurs to me is the idea of modern writers who are the product of writing courses, workshops, etc. It seems rather odd to write about writing and of course writers to write about writers writing, etc. By the same way, we (as artists) try to de-compose or de-construct things into some sort of "atomic form" and by doing so come up with a set of *conceptual* tools. In the same way that we pick up various pencils of various hardnesses and experiment with how they work and how we can use them - thus, increasing the "pallet" of "colours" that we can expects even from graphite, charcoal, etc. In the same way, we take various art things apart trying to not just find out how we do things, but if there are any missing methods. An example from chemistry springs to mind as to the concept of "mixtures". A mixture of two metals is called an alloy which often has suprising properties. And things like a gas mixed into a a liquid gives us sparkling soda, while a liquid mixed into a gas gives us super-natent conditions - eg, when the humidity has passed the "dew point" of how much moisture the air can hold at a given temperature - the result is rain or such. THus, at seems at least some of what we are looking for are mixtures (or in terms of the zix42 model: cross products).