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An interesting (and treuly some-what tragic) topic is that of nurturing. Since the overt "goal" of evolution is reproduction/perpetuation of the species; if we may speak of a "goal" as if evolution were a conscious entity, instead of the blind workings of pure chance, atomic/molecular properties, and the physics of self-organising systems. In my own case, clearly, i produced children so that my parents' evolutionary need was fulfilled. But, in the end the total lack of nurturing (which i greatly tried to correct with my own offspring) is an interesting (and as mentioned before, tragic) topic for consideration. I think the best thing that may be said is that they tended to leave me alone, and ignore me -- except when they needed some sort of menial household chores done; the most pressing of these was the cleaning of the numerous cat boxes, mowing the lawn and cleaning the basement, and whatever else needed doing. That they did not really give me an allowance was odd, since all of my friends got quite sizable allowances for doing what (seemed to me) to be less work than i did. Regardless, i earned money by mowing the lawns of other people, helping with chores around their yards, etc. My parents of course told me to save the money (what little there was), but my insatiable curriousity led me to be the spendthrift that has