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Spiritualist Mumblings

At the smallest and most micro-scopic of places within the very core of every thing - every object - in the universe its that which IS the nature of the thing. In the nucleus of Uranium is the structure that determines is electronic configuration, and this in turn determines how it will react chemically. But, it is AT THE CORE, that the ability to fission and to chain react - if it gave off only a single neutron for each in-coming one that splits it; then no chain reaction would be possible. Of course now, all of the spent and otherwise useless uranium is used as massive pellets in knocking holes in things - thus, even the "harmless" shell casings of a "spent round" become a radioactive play thing of the innocents who scavage them up from the detrius of famed wars of destruction rather then attrition. That these things are not new, but that they are new in the new century; indeed in the new millineum - that is what obscene. That the trading of the convenience of hatred, predjudice, and xeno-phobia for material advantage in the commodities markets of the very fuel of human civilisation is also not new. Coal miners whose lungs are/were/will-alway-be consumed and choked in the growing turbluence of cancer are the un-swerving beacons of those dangers. And all of that is not surprising - for men have always had greed as a comforter to their late-night self-questionings (if they come at all, they come at the hour of the wolf - in that dead-night area of time when to return one to the sleep and perhaps *those* un-controllable nightmares by which our mind will not DO what we WILL it to). And deeply down into that rarely self-examined layer of our psyche are pushed all of the secret guilts that we dare not admit to, and forfend to admit authorship and ownership of. And yet, the spiritual ways of seeking should always be toward an *under-standing* of the world, our motivations and of course: The Possiblities. Rarely is it so.